If you’ve been parking on the street all year because there is no room in the garage, it’s time to start getting organized. The most important elements to think about when organizing your garage are storage and safety. Tools, chemicals, and supplies should all have designated spaces in your garage to avoid accidents and maintain a neat and clean look. Here are a few ideas on how to maximize storage and safety for a more efficient garage.

Building Storage Cabinets

The trick to keeping your garage in good shape is to make sure everything in it has a place. Building storage cabinets will give you the extra space you need to stash your garage supplies.

You first need to determine how large you want your cabinet to be, and how many cabinets you would like to have. Cut ¾” plywood to form the pieces of the cabinet (2 sides, top and bottom, back, shelves). Paint the pieces and let dry completely before assembling. Use wood glue to form the pieces together and then secure them using a nailer. Set the structure on its face to nail the back wood panel in place. Use a measuring tape when installing shelves to ensure that they remain level. Slide in the shelves and secure with nails. To install the doors, cut two equal pieces of wood to create double doors. Sand them down and paint them before attaching hinges. Once you move the cabinet into place, secure it to the wall studs.

Installing Lock-Tile Flooring

Lock-tile flooring is great for the garage. Not only is it durable and resistant to most solvents and chemicals, but it’s quick and easy to install. Lock-tile flooring will stand up to garage projects and keep you safe while doing them because it’s anti-slip.

Before you install the tiles, make sure you leave the tiles in the garage for at least 24 hours. The temperature of the garage should be maintained at 70°F (+/-5°). This is not a project to work on in the middle of summer or the dead of winter. Once the tiles have adjusted, sweep the floor to remove any dust and debris. Start installing the tiles from the center of the room, working outwards to the walls. Use a rubber mallet to ensure a tight fit between the tiles. When you get close to the perimeter, tiles can be cut to size using a utility knife or jigsaw. Be sure to leave ¼ in expansion gap at the walls.

Adding Pegboard Storage

Keeping your garage organized is easy when you have enough storage space. Make use of empty walls by hanging pegboard for additional storage. Pegboard allows you to hang tools or supplies from hooks that slip into the board. Keeping supplies here allows easy access to all of the supplies you need without having to search through boxes, cabinets or shelves.

The first thing you’ll want to do is measure the space where you want to be covered by the board so you know how much you need to purchase. Sometimes you can find boards that are pre-framed, if not taking the time to frame your board will give you a much cleaner looking finish. If you want to paint the board, the frame, or both it’s a good idea to do so before you assemble it. Attach the frame to the board using an air nailer. Find and the studs on the wall using a stud finder and mark the location before you go to hang the board. The board can be attached to the wall using four screws, two on top and two on the bottom.

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Most people would agree that they’d like more space in their homes, but making space can often be a difficult and daunting task.

Families in particular struggle to find the space they need to relax whilst still keeping all the things that they love around them. However, making extra space in your home could be as simple as adding clever storage, rearranging your furniture, having a good clear out or changing your sofa.


Not everyone is lucky to have the luxury of endless amounts of space in their home but there are ways in which you can deceive your visitors into thinking your rooms are a lot bigger than they are. With a few simple tricks you can sometimes even double the feel of a room. Here are a few to get you started.

Pick your colours wisely

The colours you decide you use for your room will have a major impact on its feel. There are some colours that are used to help open up a small and dark room. Cream colours and icy blues are just a few of the best colour combinations that can increase the size of your room or living area. It’s mainly an illusion but you will find that what little light you do have coming into the room bounces off and reflects around the room. But what it you don’t just want a bright white or cream coloured room? If you’ve seen a colour you really like but you are worried it will darken the room, consider only painting one of the walls that colour and create a feature wall.

Think about furniture placement

As with most rooms, they look one size when they are empty and then so much smaller when you‘ve moved all your stuff in. The key here is to keep your furniture to a minimum. Use pieces that have multiple functions such storage that can sit in the middle of a room and act as a coffee table or maybe an extendable dining table. Always try to place the larger furniture around the edges of the room as if you place them in the middle, they can look over powering and may block walkways. Another illusion can be by not having furniture that is almost as high as the ceiling, this can make it seem as though the ceiling is much lower than it actually is.

Don’t hold back on the lighting

Whether it’s natural or artificial, lighting will instantly make a small room look bigger. If you are lucky enough to have access to natural light, make the most of it with full height glass panels. This removers a barrier between one room and the outside and makes the two areas seem as one. When it comes to curtains, try to keep them sheer or at least kept open when possible.

Storage and organisation are a must

One thing that can make a small room look even smaller is when it’s full of stuff. Organised or not, it can overcrowd a room and bring the walls in. Try not to cover your walls with lots of pictures and instead opt for one large image. It’s so refreshing to see a room that uses their space cleverly and is able to contain a large amount of stuff but so discreetly, you’d never know it was there. Also, if you have a large rug, take this out to create more floor space.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Just as magicians use mirrors to deceive the eye, you can use them in your own home to deceive your guests. If you’ve created a focal point, angle your mirrors towards it to help give the illusion of depth. It’s also a great way to spread a little bit of light around the room during the day and at night, especially if your mirror is near a window or some glass doors. Why not combine a storage solution with a mirror and using a mirrored cabinet.

Simply applying just one of these ideas can help the room you are stuck in seems so much bigger than it is and for rooms that you spend a lot of time in, such as an office if you work from home, or a small living room, it’s worth really thinking about these sort of tips to help you make the most of your space.

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Whether you’re working at home or furthering your career with online courses, your workspace is as important as the task at hand. With so many employees telecommuting, at home businesses starting up and students taking advantage of the convenience of online studies, the home office you once knew is a thing of the past. Today more emphasis is placed on proper and modern office design that promotes productivity. If you find yourself spending countless hours working or studying at home, consider your home office and decide if it is time for a modern makeover. Here are the latest home office trends that will offer style and productivity.



Before deciding on your home office remodel, you should first decide on the type of lighting you work better in. If natural light brings you to life, you will want to consider large modern windows giving you plenty of light to read and write in. Bay windows are a popular option as it also offers extra seating or work surfaces.

If you prefer artificial lights, you will want to consider your office layout. Recessed lighting is extremely popular and can light up various sections of the office. It is not suggested to work in softer light as it may cause fatigue and you will find yourself falling asleep and falling behind. If you are planning to use lighting and lamps but don’t want to give up the option of natural light, you may want to consider small windows with blinds or thick window dressing. This will allow you to use natural light when the feeling arises.



There never seems to be enough space, so when you remodel, be sure to take storage into consideration. It is important to stay organized when you are working or studying. Utilizing free wall space with built in shelves or modern storage cabinets will give you plenty of storage while keeping your new style. Office furniture with tucked away storage space is also a good way to get a few extra square feet to hold your books or files.


There is nothing more distracting than noise. When you decide to remodel you may want to reduce outside noise in order to allow for concentration. Using absorbent materials inside the office and thick wall materials outside the office will reduce echo inside and noise outside. This will create a quiet environment with less interruptions and more productivity.



To some, correct color choices escape them. Many people choose colors they like rather than learning the science behind colors. Just like there is a reason why fast food restaurants use red in their advertising, certain colors spark certain feelings. If you are creating a space that will be used to work or study, you want to use a color that will spark creativity and energy. Bright and vibrant colors will help increase productivity as well as keep you energized to put in long hours.


We all have our own individual styles. Modern lines and cuts however, can help your productivity. Sharp corners and thin lines offer a professional and stylish feel that can keep your mind on work and studies. If you are more traditional you might find that the soft tones and curvy lines of antique style furniture will remind you more of a relaxing study rather than the productive office you need. With modern designs you can still find a style that meets your taste without compromising productivity.

There is a convenience to working and earning your degree at home. With no commute to the office or campus, you have more time in the day to be productive. However, without proper office design you may find that it is harder to get the results you hope for. Take into consideration the science behind home office design and you will find a space that is full of energy and creativity.

Terry Southerland is a career counselor and content contributor for thebestdegrees.org, a site providing lists of top degrees as well as rankings of colleges with the best accounting degree programs.