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Everett Kitchen Remodel Before and After

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Everett Kitchen Remodel
When Terry and Thomas Sullivan moved into their new home and were looking at ways to freshen up and modernize the space, there was no question who they’d call upon to do the job.

After all, kitchens, like bathrooms, are the workhorses of the home – rooms you want to function well and look great doing it.

Their first experience with using Granite Transformations was in their previous home, when they installed a new marble-look engineered stone overtop of the original tile in the shower, bath surround and countertops, providing a modern, and much easier to clean surface.

To be able to do it without the usual time, disruption and environmental costs of a traditional demolition / renovation made it even better.

Fast-forward to their new home and, faced with ’90s-era wood-trimmed tile counters, a second call was made to the locally owned company, which in addition to environmentally friendly, engineered stone countertops and surfaces, also offers mosaic tiles and cabinet refacing with little-to-no demolition, stress or mess. Everett Kitchen Remodeling Sink Detail

“I don’t like working on tile, but we couldn’t remove it without destroying everything,” Terry explains.

To have a beautiful, engineered stone counter installed right over top was the perfect solution.

“It only took two days to install the counter and backsplash, and nothing had to be taken to the landfill.”

Of course, in today’s open-concept homes, it’s also essential that the kitchen look inviting and flow well into the rest of the space. With that in mind, the Sullivans also had the Granite Transformations team reface the fireplace surround in the same material as the kitchen for a modern, cohesive look.

Everett Home Remodeling Fireplace Detail

Just like the countertops, the process was seamless!

“They’re really great to work with – when I changed my mind about the backsplash, and wanted them to do that too, they were very accommodating,” Terry says.

“Plus, they have a terrific online tool that lets you envision what the space will look like.”

With the kitchen and fireplace completed, the Sullivan’s are eyeing their two bathrooms next. And when they’re ready, they already know who they’ll be calling to do the job!

Call us today to request your free in-home design consultation to start planning your home transformation, or use the online visualizer at granitetransformations.com. Call 425-998-0107 or email northseattle@granitetransformations.com to get started today!

Sullivan Kitchen Remodeling Quote

Her Kitchen Everett Transformation​

Everett Kitchen Remodeling

“This is the best project I’ve ever done”


When Dale Johnson moved from her custom-built home to a new-to-her rambler, she loved the garden and the location near family … everything about the home, except the kitchen.

With dated black counters and blonde cabinets, “it was the first thing on my list – I had to do the kitchen,” Dale says.

Contemplating the costs of a full renovation, Dale happened to hear from a friend about an exceptional experience getting new countertops from Everett’s Granite Transformations.

Everett Kitchen Remodeling

“I knew what I liked and what I wanted, but I also wanted to do more than the counters,” Dale says. “I had no idea they could do everything I wanted!”

Not only did the professional team install gorgeous new marble-look counters, they also installed a new farmhouse sink, subway tile backsplash, and all-new shaker-style cabinets fronts with new hardware and soft-close doors and drawers for a custom-look kitchen Dale now loves.

In fact, she loves it so much, she also engaged Granite Transformations to update two bathrooms.

“I had two bathrooms and the full kitchen updated and it was less than the estimate I’d received for just my kitchen,” she says. “It was not only cost-effective, it’s a quality product, and the staff were great to deal with – on time, COVID-conscious and considerate.”

It was also the little things about the team that resonated with her, like how they asked if they could donate her previous sink – still in great shape, but not to her design style.

And her kitchen? “It appears to be twice as large now. I brag about it all the time,” Dale says with a laugh.

“It was a tough move and I struggled connecting with this house, but the kitchen did it for me. I sit in the morning with my coffee and book, look at my kitchen and know that this is the best project I’ve ever done.”


Everett Kitchen Renovation


Discover the kitchen you love

In addition to their environmentally friendly engineered stone countertops and surfaces, ranging from a timeless marble appearance, like Dale chose, to a quartz or concrete-look finish, Granite Transformations also offers mosaic tiles and cabinet refacing with little-to-no demolition, stress or mess.

Even better, surfaces are built to resist stains, heat, scratches, mold and mildew, without ever needing to be resealed.

“A kitchen makeover is a great way to transform your space with a shorter timeline and at a fraction of the cost of a complete kitchen remodel,” says April Peterson, marketing manager at Everett’s Granite Transformations

Renovations made easy

When you’re ready to transform your space, reach out to us to request a consultation today.

A Kitchen, Bathroom & Fireplace Transformation​

Seattle Kitchen Remodeling Homeowners

These 30 year newlyweds were ready for a refresh – for their house

30 years into their marriage and nearly 20 years in the same house, Alvin and Joanne were ready for a refresh — not the marriage, Alvin emphasizes.

“It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long! We still feel like newlyweds who got married yesterday,” he says.

Seattle Kitchen Remodel Before

But the house was starting to feel a little dated, and the couple heard from a friend that Granite Transformations did really great work. As a former interior designer Joanne took the lead on most decisions, and then Alvin came up with a plan to celebrate their love at the same time.

Seattle Kitchen Remodeling

“I said honey, I don’t think we can afford to do all this, and convinced her to postpone the fireplace and bathroom renovations. But of course in my head I thought, I’m going to make sure we get this done.”

Alvin worked with Granite Transformations to orchestrate a surprise, and they completed the bathroom and fireplace renovations while Joanne was away working as a flight attendant.


Seattle Kitchen Remodel Backsplash“The crew from Granite Transformations were great about working on the surprise. They’d bring paperwork to the school where I volunteer, separated invoices to keep things secret — things like that.”

Alvin emphasizes that his wife was the decision-maker for all the gorgeous design details, and he just said, ‘yes dear.’ But if he didn’t know her preferences, how did he pull together the surprise?



Seattle Fireplace Remodel“The fireplace matches the marbled countertops in the kitchen, so that was a no-brainer,” Alvin says, and Joanne had already started to pick things out for the bathroom before they put the project on hold. “I said why don’t you put all your top picks in the folder for later on? And then I took all that to Granite Transformations.”

Joanne, of course, loved the surprise. And Alvin says when visitors come over says they’re always stunned by the transformation. The backsplash Joanne picked out is always a favorite, and the whole space looks totally updated.



Seattle Bathroom Vanity“The countertops are great — they’re indestructible! I don’t have to worry about hot pans or water damage — nothing scratches, nothing burns,” Alvin says. “And the crew that did the installation was excellent. I’m a little cautious about having people in my home — I’m a retired police officer so I’m fairly protective — but these were total trustworthy guys.”




Seattle Kitchen Remodel Before and After


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Seattle Kitchen Remodeling Homeowners

Need a kitchen that really cooks? Chris & Nicole love how their kitchen transformation delivers both great value and long-lasting good looks.

Best Renovation

Chris Shinn and Nicole Appell have undertaken various home renovations over the years, but when it comes to that ‘Wow!’ factor, their most recent kitchen project is a winner.

“We’ve done a lot of renovations on our house over the past few years, but the new kitchen countertops are my favorite. It made the biggest difference in transforming the space,” says Nicole says.

Built in 1926, their Art Deco-style home includes arches and classic built-in features so it was essential that any updates complement those features.

“We wanted to keep the historical sensibility while updating to contemporary finishes,” she explains.

Without undertaking a complete kitchen renovation, with all the cost and disruption that entails, the ideal solution was a countertop update courtesy of Granite Transformations.

Seattle Kitchen Remodel

Maintaining the functional layout and existing, solidly built cabinets, the team installed new countertops – thankfully replacing royal blue swimming pool tiles from the early 1980s.

“I love having smooth surface countertops that are easy to clean. It makes for a really nice, clean workspace,” Nicole says.

Seattle Kitchen Remodel

Multiuse Kitchen

Like many homeowners, Nicole, an artist and instructor, Chris, an insurance and investment broker, use their kitchen for more than preparing meals, so a functional, inviting space is essential.

“Since the pandemic, our son’s school has been closed, so our kitchen is now a classroom in addition to a cooking and meal planning space. It’s been wonderful having the new counters as we are baking and doing science experiments,” Nicole says.

Seattle Kitchen Remodel

Easy Maintenance

While natural slab granite is a porous material that must be sealed for more effective cleaning and stain-resistance, Granite Transformations’ engineered stone is non-porous, offering a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean and anti-microbial surface, explains the company’s marketing coordinator, April Peterson. “That means you get the look you love with the features you want.”

The renovations have the added benefit of being a simple, cost-effective way to add value to their home, now, and down the road, should they decide to sell. “In our neighborhood, buyers expect nice, new finishes,” Nicole notes. Better yet, “it was so easy! I was surprised how quickly it was finished.

“We could not be happier with the results,” she adds. “Of all the work we have done in our house, this has had the most dramatic impact.”

Blanco Silgranite Diamond Sink

With over 30 years of material development, SILGRANIT has been specifically designed and engineered to take on the toughest kitchen tasks, while maintaining its smooth, natural stone beauty. It is non-porous, with the ability to push away liquids and residue, resulting in a low maintenance, anti-bacterial surface.

Carrara Engineered Marble

Marble is one of the most luxurious materials in the world, and the best marble quarries are in Carrara in Tuscany, Italy. Quartz and glass are the main components of our gray marble countertop Carrara engineered stone, enriched with gray veins to bring a refined Italian design touch to your remodeling project. It is our tribute to the most precious marble that inspired Michelangelo, Canova, and many other historical artists and architects from around the world.

5 Reasons to Reface Rather Than Replace

Seattle Kitchen Remodel

Kay is thrilled with the way her new countertops and backsplashes brightened up her kitchen.

After 30 years living in the same condominium, Kay Plimpton was looking for a way to freshen up her living space. As a local real estate agent, she knows well the value a bright, modern kitchen and bathroom adds to a home. She liked the idea of having new countertops and backsplashes installed, but wasn’t keen on enduring the mess and disruption that would entail. She was thrilled, then, to discover our Granite Transformations location in Seattle.

“I have a really big kitchen and this has greatly lightened it up,” Kay says. “It was a little difficult – a huge space that needed to be covered. When I walked in and saw it for the first time, I was like, ‘wow!’ It’s lovely and they did a great job.”

So why “reface” instead of replacing?

Kay loves how the recent kitchen makeover by the Granite Transformations team gave her space a whole new look, and she was pleasantly surprised with the fact they got it all done in a day.

Seattle Kitchen Remodel

Here’s some of the advantages you’ll enjoy with our products:

  1. Innovative process is less invasive on your home: Instead of ripping out your old countertops and backsplashes, the new engineered stone quartz, granite or recycled glass countertops can go right over your existing counters. The same process is used to create new tile backsplashes in your kitchen and bathroom.
  2. Get the look with far less maintenance: These non-porous materials clean up with glass cleaner or a wipe with a warm, damp cloth and they are resistant to heat, stains, scratches and chips, as well as mold and mildew.
  3. Don’t stop at the counters and walls: You’ll also find products that can help brighten up and modernize your cabinets and fireplaces as well. With a wide variety of colors and styles available, just ask!
  4. Cutting out the middleman: Granite Transformations does free in-home design consultations and brings the samples to you.  We do everything from start to finish, so you’re not dealing with any sub-contractors. One of our goals is to make the process easy for you.
  5. We’ve got your back: We feel so strongly about the durability of our countertop products that we back them with a Lifetime Warranty.

 Products Used In This Transformation

Subway Onyx Backsplash Tile

Our Onyx subway tile uses hand-cut Karma glass mosaic tiles with natural shading variations and is available in two finishes: corrugated and smooth. It is a tribute to the famous mineral onyx, used for stone carvings and jewelry since the second dynasty of the Egyptian Pharaohs.

Carrara Engineered Stone

Marble is one of the most luxurious materials in the world, and the best marble quarries are in Carrara in Tuscany, Italy. Quartz and glass are the main components of our gray marble countertop Carrara engineered stone, enriched with gray veins to bring a refined Italian design touch to your remodeling project. It is our tribute to the most precious marble that inspired Michelangelo, Canova, and many other historical artists and architects from around the world.

Blanco Silgranite Precis Sink

The single bowl configuration allows easy maneuvering of large pots, pans and baking sheets. Made of SILGRANIT, a high-quality granite composite, that is heat, scratch and stain resistant. It’s non-porous surface is food-safe and easy to clean.


Create a Glamourous Space with New Countertops and Backsplash

Granite tiles and oak cabinets were a staple of kitchen design in the early aughts. Many homes are now ready for a refresh. Renewing your space starts with the easy step of a Granite Transformations Design Consultation.

etherium® By E-Stone Countertops & Surfaces

The Calacatta countertops updated the space to a marble look, without going grey. The warm tones worked great with the client’s paint color and refinished wood floors. etherium® By E-Stone can be used for so much more than countertops. In this project, the open living space is tied together with a matching Calacatta fireplace on the wall opposite the kitchen.

Hand-Cut Glass Tile Backsplash

A true touch of glamour in this space is the Symmetry 1 backsplash from the Immense® collection by Trend Group. Choosing a full backsplash adds eye-catching elegance where walls would otherwise be blank between the countertop and cabinets. And you don’t have to have a large kitchen to make it work! For a modern look in a smaller scale, the Talc Hexagon Mix is a great choice.  Or try our Metropolis Opal tile that has the same luminescent qualities in a linear pattern.

Read more about how this renovation came together.