Creating Continuity Through Counters

For this home in Franklin, Tennessee, the goal was to update a couple of older, more traditional looking rooms—namely, the kitchen and half bath—with newer, more modern counters and cabinetry. Using our fitted counter overlay system and our cabinet refacing services, we were able to easily transform these two rooms with a fresh, updated look.

Bright, Modern, & Airy

When you think of modern kitchen aesthetics, you probably think of light, bright spaces with mostly neutral tones and natural elements. That’s everything these homeowners’ old kitchen and bathroom didn’t have. Medium-toned kitchen cabinets matched the floor color almost perfectly, making the space a big brown blob with no discernable way to break up the line of sight apart from the stark white counters. Shorter upper cabinets also made the room look shorter and added to a more traditional style.

By lengthening the cabinets to bring them closer to the ceiling, the eye is tricked into thinking the ceiling is higher than it is. A quick color change brightens the whole space, and a soft, speckled grey countertop keeps the space light without becoming overwhelmingly white. Carrying those same counters into the half bath, then, creates a more seamless transition of styles throughout the home.

Double Up Your Counter Transformations!

When you decide it’s time to update the counters in your kitchen, it’s tempting to look at other areas of your home that can benefit from an update as well. Luckily, Granite Transformations in Nashville has counter options that are affordable for nearly any budget, so you can create a seamless look across multiple rooms in your home.

Conservative Kitchen Gets a Modern Revival

A traditional kitchen is the right look for many people. But this family in Murfreesboro, Tennessee wanted something more modern—and Granite Transformations of Nashville was able to answer the call! Typically, we’d start by brightening up the space, but in this kitchen, there were already plenty of light, bright elements in place. That base gave us a little more room to be creative and design something visually appealing and out of the ordinary.

The first task, as usual, is choosing the perfect countertop and a backsplash that will complement it. For this design, extending the same Calacatta marble-look engineered stone from the counters all the way up the walls created a sleek, expensive looking work space on a non-marble budget.

Cabinet Refacing Completes This Kitchen

We talk a lot about how new counters can change the look of a space—and they certainly do! That being said, another important aspect of revamping any kitchen is the choice of cabinetry. New cabinets are a huge undertaking, both financially and from a construction perspective. Luckily, our Nashville cabinet refacing services can make your existing cabinets look brand new almost overnight! Since these homeowners weren’t looking to revamp the layout of their kitchen—just the look—refacing the lower cabinets was a great way to add some visual interest without investing in all-new cabinets. After the refacing, bringing the cabinets all the way up to the ceiling, and switching out some hardware, we were able to add the illusion of more height and fresh wooden cabinets in this once traditional space.

If you are looking to update your kitchen on a budget, Granite Transformations of Nashville can help. With affordable materials that are easy to install, we can reduce construction costs as well as the cost of materials to get you the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

At Granite Transformations of Nashville, our fireplace refacing contractors work with you to ensure the focal point of your living space is attracting attention for all the right reasons. Whether your fireplace is simply in need of an update, or you’re needing to cover up a previous owner’s fireplace remodeling flop, we’re here to provide you with the perfect, cost-effective solution. With mess-free, stress-free fireplace refacing services from Granite Transformations, you can finally say goodbye to your dated fireplace without limiting your options for design.

If you can dream it, we can bring it to life—call Granite Transformations of Nashville today to get started with your complimentary design consultation!

How to Reface Your Fireplace

With fireplace remodeling services from Granite Transformations of Nashville, there’s no need to rip out existing materials and completely start over. Our unique products and installation process allow us to completely transform the look of your fireplace in a matter of days with little-to-no demolition, no mess, and no stress. Your dream fireplace is just one step away—simply call us to set up your free design consultation, during which you’ll select the fireplace surround you love from our wide range of environmentally-friendly, easy-to-maintain, and engineered stone surfaces. We’ll take care of the rest!

Fireplace Refacing Ideas

Whether your aesthetic is farmhouse or contemporary, at Granite Transformations of Nashville, we have a fireplace surround material fit for every style. Choose from sophisticated marble, eye-catching mosaics, traditional stone, and even concrete!

Go Modern With a Marble Fireplace Surround

It’s no surprise that marble has been a popular countertop material over the last decade—but it’s not just for countertops. A marble fireplace surround can up the level of sophistication in any room, making it perfect for modern, contemporary, and minimal interior design styles. Our expansive collection of marble surfaces allows you to choose from a variety of colors and patterns, helping you find the material that’s just right for your home.

Add Color With Mosaic Fireplace Surrounds

Mosaic tiles add an undeniably unique personal touch to every room. When it comes to mosaic fireplace surrounds, you have endless possibilities for defining your living room or dining room style. Go nautical with our navy hexagonal mosaics or neutral with our metropolis opal tiles—or check out our entire collection of mosaic tiles for even more options!

Refacing Your Fireplace With Stone

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, try refacing your fireplace with stone. Perfect for craftsman and rustic style homes, our granite and travertine collections offer both warm and cool tones for you to choose from.

Call the Fireplace Refacing Contractors at Granite Transformations

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At Granite Transformations of Nashville, we’re committed to making the demolition and installation process of all your home remodeling projects simple so you can focus on the fun part—choosing the design elements that will turn your house into your dream home. When it comes to backsplash installation, we take care of the hard work so you can spend less time searching for DIY tips and more time searching for inspiration. We offer a wide selection of mosaics and backsplashes to help you select the surface that captures your style.

Ready to get started? Set up your complimentary design consultation by calling Granite Transformations of Nashville today, or try out our visualizer to design your space from the comfort of your home!

What’s in style for kitchen backsplashes?

With seemingly endless patterns and designs to choose from, backsplash gives you the perfect opportunity to add personality to your kitchen. Whether you love the elegance of mother of pearl backsplash or want to incorporate a pop of color with mosaic tile, Granite Transformations of Nashville can help you bring your ideas to life.

Here are a few of our favorite kitchen backsplash trends:

Mosaic Backsplash

Mosaic backsplash is as beautiful as it is timeless, giving you endless colors to choose from and visual depth with varying tile sizes and contrasting shades. Whether you want to add color to your kitchen or keep a more contemporary pallet with neutral hues, Granite Transformations has something to suit your style.

Subway Tile

As more homeowners opt for clean lines and minimal design, subway tiles have become a staple. A traditional white subway tile backsplash is perfect for brightening up any kitchen, while colorful subway tile backsplash makes for a unique statement piece. No matter which look you’re going for, Granite Transformations of Nashville is here to help you select a kitchen backsplash that you’ll fall in love with.

Mother of Pearl Backsplash

The elegance of pearls isn’t just for jewelry—you can bring the same level of sophistication to your kitchen with mother of pearl backsplash. Our Metropolis Pearl Mosaic Tile offers the iridescent shine of mother of pearl while also offering the visual interest of the varying shapes and contrasting shades of mosaic tile.

Matching Backsplash and Countertops

Choosing to extend your countertop surface to your backsplash can help you create a contemporary, seamless design. Although this is most often seen with marble countertops, any of the surfaces offered by Granite Transformations of Nashville can be installed as kitchen backsplash.

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There’s no denying marble’s ability to bring a touch of elegance to any room—but the work that goes into maintaining marble countertops isn’t quite as glamorous. If you’ve been considering integrating marble into your next home renovation project, you’ve likely stumbled across the cons of marble countertops. Real marble countertops are beautiful, yet porous, high-maintenance, and less durable than other natural stones. Understandably, that’s enough to steer many homeowners away.

But what if you could enjoy the look of a marble kitchen without the added stress and maintenance of authentic marble countertops? Now you can—with etherium® by E-stone marble countertops from Granite Transformations of Nashville.

Beauty of Marble Countertops, Benefits of etherium® by E-Stone

All of the surfaces in our Marble Countertops Collection boast the timeless beauty of traditional marble surfaces in a variety of colors and patterns. However, rather than being made of porous and fragile marble, our marble countertops are made from quartz and recycled glass. These elements, along with our proprietary sealing agent ForeverSeal®, join to create a surface that looks like real marble—yet is nonporous, low-maintenance, and stain- and scratch-resistant. With their elegant look and resilient characteristics, our etherium® by E-Stone marble countertops are perfect for backsplashes, bathroom or kitchen countertops, walk-in showers, floors, and even fireplaces!

Effortless Maintenance, Easy Installation

Not only are our marble countertops easy to maintain, but they’re also easy to install. At Granite Transformations of  Nashville, our unique installation process requires little-to-no demolition and can be completed as quickly as in one day! We simply install your new slab on top of your existing countertops—eliminating the time, mess, and labor of ripping out and removing old surfaces.

Benefits of Installing Marble Countertops with Granite Transformations

Meet the Surface You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Interested in learning more about our marble countertop collection? Call Granite Transformations of Nashville today to schedule your complimentary design consultation, tour our showroom (select locations only), or browse our entire collection of countertops and surfaces!

At Granite Transformations of Nashville, we offer all of the services you need for a quick and easy complete bathroom renovation. From countertops to cabinetry, our products install with no mess and no stress!

The photos above showcase a complete bathroom renovation that we performed for a local homeowner. Tired of their outdated wallpaper, tile, and tub surrounds, they decided to go with something contemporary and elegant.

Transform Your Bath Without Breaking Your Back

When you partner with Granite Transformations for your home remodeling project, you can say goodbye to back-breaking demolition—as well as the stress and added expenses that come with it. We make countertop installation easy with countertop overlays. Whether you’re wanting the look of concrete, granite, or quartz, our countertops overlays install right on top of your existing countertops. Not only does this eliminate the need to demolish or carry out heavy pieces of slab, but it’s also better for the environment—and your wallet. We will also save you time, money, and mess with our cabinet refacing services. Rather than ripping out and completely replacing your cabinet boxes, we simply reface the doors and drawers. This allows you to completely change the look and color of your cabinets!

The easiest way to open up a room is to use light, bright design elements. These Nashville homeowners transformed their kitchen by installing new marble countertops and replacing dark wood cabinetry with sleek grey cabinet faces. When combined, these choices immediately made their kitchen feel larger and ready for entertaining.

Bright Kitchen Ideas That Go Against the Mainstream

Wanting to brighten your kitchen without going so mainstream as all white everything? Here are some ideas to mix it up:

Grey Cabinets

For the last few years, white cabinetry, countertops, and backsplash have been the hottest craze. However, things may be changing as many homeowners opt for something a little different. Grey cabinets provide the ideal balance between a sophisticated neutral and relaxing warmth, perhaps making them the perfect choice for kitchens. If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your kitchen, but are wanting to go with something more unique than white kitchen cabinets, consider our Stone Grey RTF cabinet refacing!

Navy Blue Subway Tile

Subway tile is one of the hottest trends in kitchen design. Although subway tile is typically white, why not break the mold and try something a little different? We helped this homeowner install navy blue subway tile backsplash, perfectly tying in the cool tones of their grey cabinets.

There’s no reason to clean your laundry in a dingy room—Granite Transformations offers the flooring, countertops, and cabinet solutions you need to turn the laundry room into a beautiful, functional space. For this Nashville homeowner, Granite Transformations helped maximize organization and efficiency with new cabinetry and cabinet rollouts.

Improve Laundry Room Functionality with Smart Cabinetry

Keeping your laundry room organized can help reduce stress and mess. At Granite Transformation, we offer cabinet refacing and unique cabinet details to help you get the most out of your storage space. Adding rollout cabinets and shelving can help you ensure that everything has its place in your laundry room remodel. Not only that, but cabinet refacing is a faster, more affordable way to refresh any room without the hassle of complete cabinet replacement.

Call Granite Transformations for Laundry Room Remodels in Nashville

With as much time as we spend in our laundry rooms, they are definitely overdue for some TLC. Big or small, Granite Transformations can help you make the most out of your laundry room with our little-to-no demolition services, including countertop installation, cabinet refacing, flooring installation, and more! Call us today to schedule your FREE design consultation!

Outdated backsplash and dark cabinetry made this Franklin homeowner’s kitchen appear dull and uninviting. Granite Transformations of Nashville was able to help brighten up their space with a contemporary kitchen remodel. As a part of the renovation project, we installed recycled glass countertops and a new sink and refaced their kitchen cabinets to the ceiling.

Sleek Lines for Contemporary Aesthetic

One of the most crucial elements in contemporary interior design is the use of sleek lines. To complete this contemporary kitchen remodel, this homeowner chose to reface their old kitchen cabinets with new, full-overlay doors and drawers with geometrical recessed panels. The homeowner also chose to extend their kitchen cabinets to the ceiling, giving them a taller appearance and added benefits of less clutter and more storage.

Call Granite Transformations of Nashville for Your Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

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This Brentwood homeowner was ready to upgrade their kitchen to match their style and needs. Before, the brown cabinetry and granite countertops gave the space a look that was simply too dark for their taste. We helped them achieve a contemporary kitchen transformation with cabinet refacing, new countertops, and a new drink bar.

What is a contemporary kitchen style?

The key to transforming a tired, dark kitchen into a contemporary space is incorporating sleek, bright materials and a minimalist layout. Stainless steel appliances, contrasting colors, white countertops, and straight edges are all staples when it comes to contemporary kitchens.

Carrara Countertops

We achieved the contemporary look in this kitchen by replacing the old, earth-tone countertops with a bright white marble. Our Carrara marble countertops are the perfect option for contemporary kitchen transformations.

Call Granite Transformations for Contemporary Kitchen Makeovers in Nashville!

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High-end concrete is one of the hottest trends for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. Concrete countertops are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of interior design styles, including modern, industrial, and even farmhouse.

With that said, they do present some problems that may have you wondering whether real concrete countertops are all they’re cracked up to be.

The Downsides of Concrete Countertops

Despite its handcrafted beauty and versatility, concrete is not an ideal surface for bathrooms and kitchens. Concrete cracks easily, and it’s virtually impossible to have a slab poured without at least a few hairline fractures—even with perfect installation, high-quality sealant, and meticulous care. Concrete countertops are also more vulnerable than other surfaces to large fractures caused by settlement or pressure. And, unfortunately, these cracks often cannot be repaired and will most likely require replacing the entire slab.

Here are more concerns that real concrete countertops pose:

  • Concrete is naturally porous, meaning it absorbs liquids that can lead to cracks, stains, and bacteria growth. Sealant must be initially applied during the installation process and re-applied at least once a year to prevent liquid absorption.
  • Concrete is heavy, and concrete countertops can weigh around 20-25 pounds per square foot. This may require you to reinforce your cabinetry and flooring to improve their load-bearing capacity.
  • The concrete material used for countertops is considered high-end and is one of the most expensive options for kitchen and bathroom surfaces.
  • Though concrete is commonly used in less glamorous applications, crafting concrete slabs to use as countertops requires a lot of skill and experience.

Get the Look of Concrete With the Benefits of etherium® by E-stone

At Granite Transformations, we offer a line of surfaces that mimic the look of concrete countertops while offering homeowners the benefits of etherium® by E-stone.

The Benefits of etherium® by E-stone Concrete Countertops

  • Each surface is sealed with ForeverSeal®, our proprietary polymer resin, which makes your countertops stain, heat, scratch, and mold resistant.
  • With the help of our unique sealing agent, all surfaces are nonporous and will never need to be resealed.
  • Because each slab is handcrafted in our own manufacturing facility in the U.S., we can guarantee the strength and durability of your countertop surface with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  • etherium® by E-stone concrete countertops are made of a mixture of quartz and 78% post-consumer recycled glass, making them an eco-friendly option for your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

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