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Stay True to Your New Year’s Resolution in 2013

Stay True to Your New Year’s Resolution in 2013

Last Updated on January 9, 2013

Get Fit.  Eat Right.  And Finish That Home Remodel Project.

On January 1, when the clock strikes midnight, people all over the world begin the process of completing their New Year’s resolutions.  Whether your resolutions are personal or professional this year, the start of the 2013 is a time for reflecting on last year and starting the New Year with a fresh perspective.

Unfortunately, one thing that remains constant each year is that more often than not, individuals don’t make it past February in sticking to their New Year’s resolutions.   In fact, the New York Times wrote that a third of all resolutions are ditched by the end of January.  One resolution that often gets pushed back is home remodeling, due to the time and energy associated with the project.  If you’re serious this year about turning your home remodeling wishes into a reality, choose Granite Transformations to help.

A typical full-scale kitchen remodeling job can take months and cost over $50,000.  And, worst of all, whether you’re installing kitchen cabinets, countertops or wall mosaics, a full scale kitchen remodeling job will often leave your kitchen un-operational for the length of the entire project.  You’ll also have to live with dust and dirt in your house; replace the floor if it gets damaged during demolition; repaint areas of your house that get nicked by clumsy builders; set up a temporary kitchen elsewhere; and most likely burn money by eating out frequently.  For most, this is simply unacceptable. If you are looking to for an alternative solution, you can go the easy route with Granite Transformations.

By using granite and glass counter overlays—combined with advanced remodeling techniques—our team of trained, professional remodelers can get the job done in less time and without the hassle. After measuring your kitchen, our team cuts and crafts custom-fitted granite or recycled glass countertops, wall mosaics or back splashes, cabinet doors, drawers and kitchen hardware. Counter and backsplash installations are usually completed in one day with no demolition, no dust, and very little disruption to your daily routine.

Stay on track in 2013 and knock this resolution off your list!  Call us for a free home consultation today!

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