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It's after March 21! Get to cleaning!

Springing into Cleanup Mode

Last Updated on March 24, 2011

Part II of our Spring Cleaning Series

Regardless of your daily, weekly or even monthly cleaning habits, when spring rolls around it’s time to give the house a good once over. Dedicate an upcoming weekend to banishing dust, dirt and grime from your home to ensure you’ll start with a clean slate for the warm summer months. Beyond basic vacuuming and wiping down sticky surfaces, there are lots of things that need to be done around the house to make sure your home is a clean and healthy family environment.

Tackle each space listed below and your house will be ready for entertaining in no time. If the thought of so much cleaning makes your eyes start to glaze over, pick a room or two each week and slowly work your way around the house over the course of a month.

Kitchen: Take this annual opportunity to dust refrigerator coils at the bottom of the unit using a vacuum attachment or coil brush. Reseal grout lines on floors, walls and countertop tiles with a penetrating grout sealer. Defrost the freezer and clean it thoroughly with a baking soda solution.

Living Room: Vacuum and shampoo all rugs and carpets, taking caution with Oriental rugs that may need professional cleaning. Remove cushions from all furniture to vacuum underneath. Beat cushions outdoors to remove dust and crumbs before returning to their locations. Clean all window treatments, including machine washable curtains and draperies.

Bedrooms: To extend the life of your mattress, flip it seasonally for even wear. Wash all bedding and pillows to rid of mold, bacteria and odors. Thoroughly dust all bookshelves and trophy cases as well as ceiling fans and other hard-to-reach areas.
Bathrooms: Discard old or unused makeup and bath products to avoid skin irritation. Update your first aid kit with fresh products and current emergency phone numbers.

Office: Organize files of insurance, contract and household inventory paperwork, discard old or irrelevant information. Clean computers, printers and other technology with a lint-free cloth and compressed air.

Attic and Basement: Sort through old or unwanted items and donate extras to charity. Double check for any signs of moisture on cardboard boxes and elevate items using concrete blocks if necessary.

Outdoors: Wash house siding with a pressure hose and all-purpose cleaner. Use a solution of water and bleach to treat mildew spots on any decks, patios or walkways. Use a soft-bristle brush to clean off outdoor furniture.

Taking on these chores once a year will serves as a basis for maintaining a clean home until next spring.

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