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Small Space Solutions – Easily Make a Room Feel Larger

Last Updated on January 17, 2012

Small space? Don’t sweat it! You can easily open up a small space and create the illusion of more room by using any of these clever decorating tricks.

1. Mirror mirror on the wall. If your small room has windows on only one wall, you can double the amount of light and make the room appear larger by hanging a mirror on the opposite wall. Using a large mirror will make it a decorative focal point while maximizing the light and space effects at the same time. If your room lacks a window, you can create a similar effect by placing a lamp in front of a mirror. More tips on how to use mirrors to increase space here.

2. Let there be light. When choosing a paint color, remember that dark colors tend to make spaces appear smaller, while lighter colors create an expansive feeling. If you have your heart set on a dark color, consider going a few shades lighter. Or you can paint one wall in a bold accent color which will make it appear recessed, thus opening up your space.

3. Clear up kitchen counter space. Create a tasteful display of cookbooks, small appliances and dishes above your kitchen cupboards. Hang a line of hooks close to the ceiling or a pot rack to display and organize those space-hogging pots and pans. Keep keys, change, and cellphones in a decorative dish.

4. Don’t over do it. One of the main reasons small spaces feel cramped is too much furniture. Take a look at your furnishings and make sure they are in good proportion to the room size. Switching out a large coffee table for a smaller multipurpose ottoman, for example, is a little change that can make a big impact and free up space.

5. Create a room with a view. Choose a wall mural of a mountainous landscape, a field of flowers, or a skyline of your favorite city. Choose an image that appeals to your color and design aesthetic and use it not only as a stunning focal point, but as an effective way to open up your small space.

6. Raise up your bed. You can free up floor space and add more storage space to a small bedroom all at the same time by using plastic bed risers. Easily conceal your under the bed storage space with a stylish bed skirt or dust ruffle.

7. De-clutter. Nothing makes a room feel more cramped and small than too much clutter. Organize and store your dvds, chargers, remotes, magazines and papers. Remember you can only read or watch one thing at a time. Store away and file the rest. Your small space will feel much more livable with less “stuff” lying around.

Use these handy tips to make a big impact on your small space. Remember, just because a space is small, doesn’t mean it can’t be absolutely magnificent!

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