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Selecting the Right Materials for Your Design Style: Natural

Last Updated on January 22, 2020

As part of our “Design Style” series, Granite Transformations will explore tips and techniques for how you can achieve a natural style design in any room of your home, along with the best material and color combinations to help create the perfect balance.

Natural Style

A room that exudes a natural feeling never goes out of style, and is the go-to trend for a soft and eye-appealing look that is both elegant and welcoming. Neutral and earthy hues (such as browns, grays and beiges) are the perfect backdrop for creating a space that can be “accessorized” with splashes of color to bring life and character to a room. It’s a simple form of elegance that allows the homeowner to add their own personal touches, helping to make it the place they call “home.”

Natural Colors and Materials

Natural Kitchen – Look #1

Natural Kitchen

Natural Kitchen – Look #2

Natural Kitchen Design

Natural kitchen design is simple and elegant, as touches of color bring warmth and character to the room. Keeping the tones complementary and neutral creates harmony and eliminates the worry of designs and patterns “competing” with each other.

Choosing the right material for a natural kitchen is easier than you think. Whether you’re going for a lighter cabinet look (Natural Maple in ‘Look #1’), or a warmer look (Summer Flame in ‘Look #2’), you’ll be creating a beautiful backdrop for your dream kitchen. Adding a fun and interesting backsplash as shown above (Lemons in ‘Look #1’ and Metropolis Amber in ‘Look #2) is a great way to show off your personality while keeping the tone of the room natural and inspiring. Adding a coordinating countertop (Terra Chiara in ‘Look #1’ and Terracotta in ‘Look #2) completes the look of the room and brings another level of color and character to your kitchen.

Natural Colors and Materials Bath

Natural Bathroom – Look #1

Natural Bathroom Design

Natural Bathroom – Design #2

Dark Natural Bathroom Design

Creating a natural design style in your bathroom is all about personality and personal preference. As shown above, the ambiance in the same bathroom exudes two distinct auras just by changing up the color scheme and adding some subtle design elements. Note that the choice of flooring plays a major role in these two bathroom designs. In Look #1, the dark floor (Vetro Moretti), reveals a striking contrast against the soft green walls, whereas in Look #2, the neutral floor (Terra Di Siena) contrasts with the dark accent wall and accessories. Mosaic tile lends beauty in unexpected places in these two looks. The backsplash (Coffee Mix in ‘Look #1’) and the striking mosaic tile accent wall (Liberty Opal in ‘Look #2’) show off just enough character to tie the look together, while maintaining a natural look that can give homeowners and visitors something to talk about.

You can achieve these looks (and so many more) by choosing Granite Transformations products.

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