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Selecting the Right Materials for Your Design Style: Modern

Last Updated on January 8, 2020

As part of our “Design Style” series, Granite Transformations will explore the hottest trends in modern design style and the best combinations to help you create the perfect balance in your home.

Modern Style

Modern design is becoming more popular than ever, as homeowners are embracing its clean, straight lines with plenty of polish and little clutter. Having started around the World War I time period, “modern” design was created as the opposite of “traditional” design (which used heavy textures, carvings and wood tones throughout the home), following the theory: “form follows function.”

Modern Colors and Decor

Modern Kitchen – Look #1

Modern Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen – Look #2

Modern Kitchen Design

When it comes to designing a modern kitchen, think open, clean and iconic. Experts agree that taking the minimalistic approach is the best way to capture the modern element in the room by limiting decorative items and keeping small appliances hidden away. Less clutter means more workspace and increased functionality. Modern kitchen cabinets (like the ones featured above) have a sleek and simple design with flush doors and flat surfaces that have little or no hardware.

When it comes to choosing the right material, adding an element of surprise – like the mosaic featured walls shown above (Mysterious Mix in ‘Look #1’ and Metropolis Diamond in ‘Look #2’) – is a great way to give your kitchen a touch of elegance, while still maintaining the modern look. Sleek countertops (Lights and Shadows in ‘Look #1’ and Portland White in ‘Look #2’) are the way to go since they pull the look together without competing with the other elements. Rounding out the look is the flooring (Portland White in ‘Look #1’ and Bianco Reale in ‘Look #2’) to create a feeling of continuity and timelessness.

Modern Colors & Decor - BathroomModern Bathroom – Look #1

Modern Bathroom Design

Modern Bathroom – Look #2

Modern Bathroom Design

Modern bathrooms focus primarily on efficiency and aesthetically pleasing designs. A seamless look, combined with form and function, is essential for achieving a modern and elegant bathroom without all of the frills and finery of a more traditional design. Here, the showers feature two elements that combine a solid background with a contrasting border (in ‘Look #1’) and a complimentary border (in ‘Look #2’). (The materials are Black Diamond with Sunset Beach border in ‘Look #1’ and Sunset Beach with Liberty Topaz border in ‘Look #2.’) The dividing wall is cleverly accented to offset the room with two distinct looks (Liberty Topaz in ‘Look #1’ and HEX260 in ‘Look #2’), while the flooring is dramatically different and changes the look entirely (Factory in ‘Look #1’ and Bianco Reale in ‘Look #2’).

You can achieve these looks (and so many more) by choosing Granite Transformations products. If you are interested, schedule a free in-home design consultation for a free estimate today.

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