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Minimalist Bathroom

Rethinking bathroom styles

Last Updated on November 15, 2011

When homeowners are looking for decorating styles for bathrooms, they often hit a blank because of the fact that the room has to remain functional. The general mentality is that the bathroom is a place to get cleaned up and ready for the day, and that because of this, it tends to be a bit of a loose end when it comes to design. Granted, you cannot expect your bathroom to be as stylized as the rest of your house because of space and function limitations, but there are a few stylistic trends that you can implement to make your bathroom feel like part of your home instead of a functional dead space. One of the biggest bathroom design trends right now is to have a minimalist feel that extends into your bathroom.

Minimalist bathrooms

A style that is very popular with designers, but one that is normally quite difficult to achieve because of the limited space within your bathroom. The minimalist philosophy is one that requires clever storage and neutral tones – the overall effect is one of simple tranquillity. This is a great atmosphere to have in your bathroom, as you are trying to create a relaxing, comforting space.


The first tip is your colour scheme. Go for something neutral and modern – gun-metal grey, black, and creamy tones can work well. Having one colour can create a sense of calm, and if you choose the right tone you can open the space up. Look to design magazines for a suitable palette.

Create Strong Lines

Next, you need to invest in some great bathroom pieces. An open glass shower with a chrome showerhead can do the trick. Minimalism limits the amount of stuff in your bathroom, so spend the money and time looking for something understated, subtle and quality. Minimalism often incorporates strong structuralist influences, so break the monochrome on your walls with a sharp, strong chrome line.

Storage solutions

The next piece of design advice for a minimalist bathroom is that you need great, simple storage. If you are building a room from scratch then you can investigate options for hidden storage. However, if you are working on an existing room keep the neutral colour scheme and look for clever vertical storage – a boxed floating shelf may work here. Keep the lines strong, and think creatively – exercise restraint and keep it simple.

This guest post was written by freelance writer Victoria. She is current learning about online website builder.

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