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Cabinet Makeover

Refacing Vs. Replacing: The best option for a cabinet makeover

Last Updated on September 20, 2022

A kitchen can go centuries (well, maybe not that long, but pretty long) without being remodeled. Ask yourself, in what year your house was built – you might end up with shocker news. In many ways, your kitchen is the most important part of your house as the heart of your living situation. Think about it for a second. Where do you cook, eat and spend most of your time anyway?

If your kitchen is in need of a clean and improved look, don’t neglect it. Begin the kitchen remodeling with a first step: the cabinet makeover. The first impulse when considering a kitchen cabinet remodeling is to replace all of the old cabinets. But that idea can not only be expensive but also time consuming.

granite kitchen counter
A handle-less look

There is no real compelling reason to replace cabinets if they are structurally sound, unless you want to shuffle the location of the appliances or change the kitchen layout. So the best option to consider is refacing the cabinets, a far less disruptive and messy endeavor than a complete overhaul.

Nowadays you can completely transform your kitchen with gorgeous refaced cabinets of numerous colors, a palette created especially for your kitchen’s vibe.
By keeping the cabinets renewed and changing their look, your kitchen can be transformed into a small cooking palace of contemporary style.

So give your kitchen a fabulous cabinet makeover. It’s time.

Kitchen Countertops in Troy, MI
Give your kitchen a brand new look

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