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Pamper Your Mom This Mother’s Day with These Special Gift Ideas

Last Updated on May 6, 2015

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, show Mom your love and appreciation by giving her the day off and treating her to a day she’ll never forget.

For the best Mother’s Day idea for your Mom, first give some thought of what you think she would want most. What would make her feel special? Here are a few fun and easy ideas to let your mom know how much she means to you:

  • Brunch or Dinner at Home. Giving Mom a break from the kitchen is one of the most appreciated gestures you can do for her. Restaurants are notorious for being overcrowded on Mother’s Day and the dining experience is typically nothing short of mediocre or disappointing. Make it a day she will cherish by planning a beautiful brunch with all of her favorite dishes. Or, cook a special dinner tailored around her most loved foods. Add special touches to the table by filling pretty vases or bowls with her favorite flowers and scatter little notes with special messages that express how much she means to you.

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  • Spa Day. Treat your mom to a day of beauty and pampering – and watch any stress she may be feeling fade away. Better yet, join her and share in the peace and tranquility of blocking out the world for a few hours. Mom will love the quality time with you, and you will love seeing her relaxed smile.


  • Plant an Herb or Vegetable Garden Together. This may not be the norm for a Mother’s Day surprise, but these days, more and more cooks are reaching into their own homegrown gardens for fresh vegetables and herbs. Save Mom a trip to the farm stand or local store and plant an herb or vegetable garden together – right in the backyard. She will love the easy accessibility of home grown goodness. Then, you can both follow this up by cooking a delicious dinner with the vegetables and herbs from the garden!


  • Scrapbook or Memory Album. What could be more special than a memorable keepsake of a scrapbook or album filled with special family moments? You may need a little extra time to compile the photos, but the appreciation will be well worth the effort to create a collection of memories that will last a lifetime.

Wish List

  • Bring her “Wish List” to Life. These are phrases we hear our moms say a lot of the time: “I wish I had this,” or “I could really use that.” Surprise her with a cookbook from her favorite chef or maybe a chef’s knife, or even specialty cooking oils for her favorite recipes. On a more personal note, fill a pretty basket with some of her most loved beauty items (like her favorite mascara, lipstick, foundation and perfume). She will love the thought as well as the fact that you saved her from a trip to the department store.
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