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Outdoor Kitchens: The Joy of Eating Outside

Last Updated on August 22, 2022

Last week’s granite bar post got us thinking: outdoor kitchens are a pretty nice deal if you can swing it. For every homeowner or homebuyer, outdoor entertaining is a must have in their households.And new trends in design are aiming precisely to open-air constructions of rooms that usually have an indoor concept, entering the kitchen. What most designers and homeowners around the world are discovering is that an outdoor kitchen can be both functional and attractive, not to say original.

“The outdoor kitchen is not an area looked at as a ‘work’ space, but it is a place to express hospitality and creativity – and to enjoy family and friends”, said Barbara B. Berry, sales associate with Downing-Frye Realty.

To build or remodel a full scale outdoor kitchen, one must decide on a specific style to combine cabinets and backsplashes. Nowadays, with a blink of an eye, you can have a new and elegant kitchen in your backyard to enjoy what life has to offer. And don’t forget that your design will reflect your taste and needs.

Tiki hut style?
Tiki hut style?

To have a practical and functional outdoor kitchen, be prepared to at least equip it with a refrigerator / freezer and a quality grill. Unlike a conventional kitchen, you don’t need to have all the appliances there.

Outdoor kitchens can give you multiple benefits. And the fact that guests and family will be more involved in the cooking is one of the best ones. Open-air activities always tend create collective bonds. The more relaxed everyone feels, the more enjoyable the experience will be, and the more often you’ll want to cook outside.

...or build it closer to the home.
…or build it closer to the home.

Also, keep in mind that most of the delicious ingredients you love to cook with, such as fish or curry, are easier to prepare outside, due to the lingering odor they tend to emanate. When it comes to enjoying life, fresh air and sunny days, nothing beats the comfort of being in your own house. An outdoor kitchen can give you that advantage.

And what better setting for an ideal al fresco dining and entertaining year-round.

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