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Frosted Glass Cabinets

Oh Cabinets, My Cabinets

Last Updated on December 16, 2010

There are a lot of cabinet choices to pursue out there, but what might look best with your kitchen when it comes time to think about some home remodeling? The decision is a tough one, as you’ll be pulling dishes, glass, pots, and pans out of those cabinets for the forseeable future. A mix of sturdy construction and attractive design must be found. Here is a list of possible cabinet types that could potentially revamp your kitchen, making it the cooking and gathering space you’ve always wanted.

Glass Windowed Cabinets – These can be accomplished in two ways. You could have a clear glass door with window-like panels, requiring a small amount of additional woodwork, that can create something of a classical, farmhouse look. The other way a glass-faced cabinet might appear is with a frosted look. Added a frosted large, typically vertical rectangle shaped frosted glass pane to the front of a lighter colored cabinet or a white or black face can add a fashionably modern appearance.

Rich cherry wood cabinets.
Rich cherry wood cabinets.

Cherry wood – The best choice for warmly colored kitchens. Cherry wood is a brightly colored option. It’s rich texture certainly attracts the eye more than lightly colored birch, such as cream or light tan cabinet faces. Cherry also goes quite well with particularly lighter colored countertops – offsetting the dark cherry.

Bright plastic mixing modern with retro.
Bright plastic mixing modern with retro.

Highly Polished Plastic – This may seem, on its face, a relatively shoddy choice, but in fact many polished plastic cabinet faces create a hyper-modern look. There are an exceedingly high number color options with polished plastic.You could choose a bright orange to capture something of a space-station vibe or go with a subdued, ultra modern black or white. Chrome handles look great with this option.

Slightly distressed cabinets.
Slightly distressed cabinets.

Distressed Facing – This is a very creative cabinet face choice to utilize. It captures the vintage vibe that you might only get with a true classic home. Having a white or cream colored paint base with slightly frayed or inconsisent paint chips (make sure this is distressed paint by design, no real paint chips!) help create a very stylized look that fits a country home style. This look pairs with plants well.

Whatever the choice may be, make sure that the cabinets you choose either compliment the countertops and appliances, or are bold enough to be centerpieces in their own right. Happy home remodeling and treat those cabinets like they’re your babies (they, too, will be there the rest of your life)!

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