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All New All White Recycled Glass Countertops | Granite Transformations

Last Updated on July 23, 2021

Introducing ‘All White’ from Granite and TREND Transformations

Granite and TREND Transformations is excited to introduce ‘All White,’ the newest color in its Crystal Series of etherium® By E-Stone surfaces. Bright and beautiful, All White speaks for itself, as this elegant addition to our collection is sheer elegance and pure beauty at its finest.

It’s all in the name

For centuries, the color white has remained a timeless classic, and people from all walks of life have been drawn to it for its clean and crisp vibe. Drawing upon this notion, we at Granite and TREND Transformations took our design skills to the next level. We created a surface that is not only beautiful, but also eco-friendly and—as with all of our etherium® By E-Stone surfaces—is enhanced with built-in Microban® antimicrobial technology.

How All White is made

All White and the Crystal Series from Granite and TREND Transformations is part of our recycled glass collection. It is engineered stone composed of quartz and glass, which gives this collection a shine not seen in other materials. Its one-of-a-kind and sophisticated modern look not only blends beautifully with any décor, but also comes with low maintenance qualities and is friendly to the environment.

Benefits of All White recycled glass countertops

  • Surfaces are made with up to 72 percent post-consumer recycled glass from sources such as beer and liquor bottles that are combined with semiprecious stones to create a unique product that is unmatched in quality.
  • Made with ForeverSeal®—our proprietary sealant that makes the surface scratch, stain, heat, mold, and mildew-resistant, nonporous, and easy to clean.
  • Versatile surface comes in a variety of colors and patterns that will add to any style and décor.
  • Can be used for vanities, showers, tub surrounds, and flooring.

Built-in Microban® Protection

Our etherium® By E-Stone surfaces have always been nonporous and mold/mildew, heat, stain, and scratch-resistant. Now—with the enhancement of Microban® antimicrobial technology—they’re even better! The built-in Microban® technology creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria growth and inhibits its reproduction and ultimately prevents it from reproducing. And, did you know that etherium® By E-stone is the only engineered stone surface that offers 24/7 Microban® protection? Now this is a product that’s a real timesaver!

All White is the perfect design partner

It goes without saying that white goes with everything. So, why wouldn’t you use it in your kitchen or bathroom? Today’s look is clean and bright. All White offers you all that plus the flexibility of pairing it with colors and designs that are a bit bolder. Whatever your design taste, All White is the perfect design partner for your kitchen, bathroom, and even your floors. Check out our All White video on YouTube here!

Is your home ready for your refresh? Our new All White surface is the ultimate choice in refreshing the look in your home. Contact us today for your free in-home, or virtual, design consultation.

Want to get a head start? Check out our Visualizer tool and see for yourself. It allows you to see how your space will look BEFORE the renovation! Try it today!

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