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Interior Design Mood Board with tree, sofa, lamps

Mood Boards Bring Motivation and Design Inspiration

Last Updated on November 5, 2020

Mood boards. They are one of today’s hottest trends for tapping into inspiration for virtually endless projects and possibilities. And when it comes to interior design, mood boards – or storyboards – are becoming an essential tool for opening a world of design inspiration and creativity for putting together the space of your dreams.

Whether you’re an accomplished mood board aficionado, or if you’ve never heard of this trend, Granite and TREND Transformations invites you to learn more about this fun and creative way to visualize your dream space while discovering new and exciting design trends.

What is a mood board?

Think of a mood board as a collage of motivation and inspiration. Over the past few years, creating mood boards has been kicked up a notch as technology and the digital age have placed the world of inspiration at our fingertips. Whether you choose to create a physical mood board by thumbing through magazines or put one together digitally by searching online sites via your mobile device, mood boards are a great way to organize your favorite looks while keeping up with the latest trends.

What is your mood or story?

Everyone has a story, or two. And moods? They can change by the minute. Mood boards are a judgement-free zone that can give you the freedom to change your mind and switch things up while keeping your design wish list intact.

Inspirational places

Seeing is believing. Imagining your dream kitchen or bath is one thing, but seeing it develop on a mood board can bring these dreams to life. Today’s savvy mood board gurus are turning to social media outlets such as Instagram as well as online sites like HGTV for design inspiration. Check out Granite and TREND Transformations’ Pinterest page and also visit us on Houzz for even more design inspiration. From colors and textures to cabinets and countertop surfaces, designing your own unique mood board puts all your ideas in one place and helps streamline your project when it comes down to choosing the right materials.

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Benefits of creating a mood board

Creating a mood board for interior design is fun and easy. And best of all, you can create one at any time and any place. If you need a reason to start a mood board, we have a few that just might spark your interest to start “pinning” on Pinterest or any of your other favorite places. Here are some benefits of creating a mood board:

  • Keeps you motivated by having a visual of your dream home or wish list
  • Reduces stress by organizing all parts of your project
  • Fine-tunes details of your design idea or project, such as colors and textures
  • Allows you to add notes, which can help expand on ideas and detail
  • Can combine design ideas by mixing and matching styles to get a visual of the final project

Are you ready to tell your story? Contact Granite and TREND Transformations for your free in-home design consultation. Additionally, discover how our beautiful etheriumTM by E-Stone surfaces can add an extraordinary touch of elegance to your home and make your “story” come to life.


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