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Infinity pool mosaic tile

Modernize Your Pool with a Stunning Retile

Last Updated on August 12, 2021

Today’s swimming pools are so much more than places to have splashing good times. They are becoming works of art and the ultimate backyard showstoppers for homeowners who want to indulge in the beauty and luxury of today’s modern pool designs. Did you know that “older-style” tile can make your pool—and your backyard—look outdated?

This month, Granite and TREND Transformations has some important tips to consider when retiling your pool—keeping safety, style, and functionality top-of-mind.

Slip Resistant Tiles

The surface around your pool will be wet, so it’s important to select pool tiles that are slip-resistant to prevent slips and falls. Since the type of tile you choose for the outside of your pool—such the edges—will be different from those on the inside, be sure to have them treated to increase traction. It’s also a good idea to inquire about frost-proof tiles for colder weather. 

Setting a budget

As with any project, you should begin with a realistic budget. There’s no doubt you will have a wide variety of tiles to choose from, but keep in mind there’s also a wide price range as well. Establishing a set budget beforehand can help guide you toward certain tiles and away from others, so you don’t go off the deep end. (No pun intended.)

Choosing a Design

Blue pool tiles

As with any new design, it’s important to decide on a motif that blends with your home and personal style. Here are some design suggestions that are trending today:

  • Blended colors—It’s not all about the color blue anymore. Today, homeowners are blending colors for a more stylish look. Green is one color that we are seeing more of today. Experts also agree that the combination of blue-and-white tiles are a good choice since each color reflects light well and allows for better depth perception in deeper water. Dark floor tiles, on the other hand, can present a safety hazard since they distort depth perception.
  • Neutral tile tones—Some pool owners are leaning more toward neutral tones—like tan-colored tiles—for a completely different look.

Types of Floor Surfaces

Most pool surfaces are made of slate, pebble, or stone—which are different from the materials you would choose for your wall and pool areas. Choosing glass mosaic tile from Granite and TREND Transformations is an excellent option for your pool’s surface since its color will never fade and it is specifically manufactured for wet environments. 

Quality installation

Installing pool tile can be tricky, so it’s important to choose an installer who has experience with the type of material you choose so the job is done professionally, efficiently, and within your budget.

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