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Makeover Shows – How do they Fix up Homes So Fast?

Last Updated on October 26, 2011

If you’re a fan of reality TV and home shows, you’ve probably wondered how the producers manage to work their magic, fixing up homes in just a couple of days, and spending next to nothing in the process.

The secret to the success of the makeover shows isn’t anything magical, it’s simply that they have the formula for decorating down to a science. They know exactly what they need to do, and they’re ruthless and efficient when they do it. It also helps that they have some great contacts, so they know which company is the best to order made to measure blinds from, and get to hear about any sales going on long before the average member of the public.

Giving your own home a make over

If you want to make over your own home, you’ll need to be strict with yourself. The decorators used by the makeover show companies don’t have any attachment to the homes they’re working on. They throw out all the clutter, they work fast, and they are capable of seeing the big picture.

Makeover show producers are professionals, and they don’t tend to make mistakes. They know that it’s a better idea to get Roman blinds made to measure than it is to just order a standard size off eBay without checking that it will fit. They calculate wallpaper needs precisely (accounting for repeating patterns) instead of buying a couple of extra rolls and hoping for the best. They don’t buy things just because “they look great” without thinking about where those items will live. In short, they have enough experience to avoid the most common mistakes.

Two heads are better than one

You’ve probably noticed that make over TV shows tend to have more than one designer. Sometimes, the designers are “competing” against each other, but they usually work together at least for part of the show to come up with a common theme. If you’re looking to revitalize your home, why don’t you work with a friend? Even if you don’t like all of their ideas, they’ll be able to give you some inspiration, and perhaps a reality check. You might think that those polka-dot made to measure blinds will look awesome in your modernist room, but your friend will be able to tell you if they’re a step too far.

Price everything, and stick to your budget

Sometimes, the TV show producers cheat a little. They give prices that include paint, wallpaper, furnishings, and expensive materials, but they don’t count the wallpaper paste, the paint brushes, the ladder, and other tools that you may or may not have in your home. This is part of the reason why viewers struggle to replicate the successes of the TV shows – they’re meant for entertainment, not as a decorating guide, but it’s easy to forget that and be taken by surprise when the figures don’t add up.

So, if you’re trying to decorate on a budget, price everything before you buy, and don’t be tempted to spend extra to chase a TV show dream. It’s not worth getting into debt for oak flooring and a plastic 1960s chair!

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of Moonshadow Blinds, suppliers of made to measure blinds and Roman blinds made to measure. James writes on subjects relating to home improvements and DIY.

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