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Make Your Beach House A Renter’s Dream

Last Updated on June 19, 2012

Owning a beach house and earning rental income from it helps offset the cost of a second home. Although you spend time in the beach house, making it a rental property to cover areas such as expense, replacements and comfort can draw return rentals and durability.  By following a few guidelines and making consistent updates to the property, your beach home can be a renter’s dream in no time!

The kitchen is one of the top spaces renters look at when choosing a beach rental property.  The look of the kitchen can not only help encourage more renters to look at your space, but it can also allow you, as the owner, to raise the price of your weekly rental cost.  First, take a look at the overall look of the kitchen.  If it needs remodeling, consider Granite Transformations as your remodeling service provider.   Granite Transformations has a unique countertop overlay product that allows your kitchen countertop to be transformed in just one day instead of the weeks it would take for a traditional kitchen remodel.  With no messy demolition, you can rest assured that you are not leaving the property without tenants for long.  In addition, the company has backsplash options and cabinet refacing for those kitchens that need more of a full upgrade.

After the look of the kitchen is updated, don’t forget about the essentials needed for renters. Select pots and pans, one of each size, that are easy to clean. Include at least one casserole dish and some mixing bowls. Include a large pot for boiling lobsters or corn. Include dishes, glasses and cutlery to serve at least ten. Remember kitchen utensils, including a corkscrew.

By starting with the kitchen and making continuous updates room by room, your beach property will become an ideal rental in no time.  Start today and your home will be ready in just a few short months, just in time for the 2012-2013 season.

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