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Make SURE You’ve Got Ample Countertop Space

Last Updated on June 4, 2010

Have you ever lived in a house or apartment that was really in need of some counter-space? I know I have. Countertops are easily taken for granted if you have them, but when you’re searching for a place to prepare a meal or place any number of items you normally would in a kitchen replete with countertop space and you’re without it can be maddening. I lived in an apartment in Brooklyn that was a cook’s worst nightmare. We decided to live there because it was in a great location and the price was just right, but the kitchen had a problem we idiotically overlooked in the apartment search process. The kitchen had a four burner stove and a double basin sink, but no countertops! There was nothing. Initially we were preparing food in the minuscule space in between the burners – a paltry situation to be in.

When looking for a new place to call home never, NEVER overlook the kitchen countertop layout. If it looks too slim, move on. Sure, you could buy stand alone countertops from a furniture store, but nothing replicates the convenience and feel of a real countertop seamlessly integrated along with your sink, stove, fridge, and appliances. Having the space to prepare a meal and flow comfortably around your kitchen as you take part in the domestic magic that a kitchen brings you can thank the source of the comfort and the glue that holds it all together, the countertop.

They're not happy because of what they're cooking, they're smiling about the vast countertop space.
They’re not happy because of what they’re cooking, they’re smiling about the vast countertop space.

We finally bought a much needed kitchen table for my Brooklyn apartment, which served as meeting space, preparation table, and dining room. It served our needs just fine, I suppose, but when guests came over to visit and dine with us it created an undeniably cramped kitchen atmosphere, as people wanted to enjoy drinks and waft in the scent of cooking, while we, unfortunately, kept them at bay by annexing the kitchen table for our cooking process. It was far from ideal.

Ah, gorgeous, wide countertops from Granite Transformations.
Ah, gorgeous, wide countertops from Granite Transformations.

Countertops can serve as showpieces and workhorse in the same situation. They give you the power to host and power to prepare in one functional package. Just don’t be caught chopping vegetables on your stovetop – it’s never a good look.

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