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Landscape Architecture for Beauty and Conservation

Last Updated on October 19, 2011

Residential homes benefit from a well planned landscape architectural design. The landscape architect will design an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space for the homeowner, while taking into consideration the needs of the environment. Not only do homeowners see an increase in their home’s value, but the community as a whole benefits from the well thought-out design.

What is Landscape Architecture?

Landscape architecture became popular in 1863 after New York’s Central Park was designed. It is an example of using design to draw the growing population of the area into the open space of the park, away from city noise.

On a much smaller scale, the landscape architect will design an outdoor space that suits the buildings in relation to the landscape and to all who gaze upon it. This includes taking into consideration the types of soil present, the wildlife of the area, any surrounding structures, as well as the plants and bodies of water in the area. By looking at all the pieces, the architect will design an area that conserves on water while being a work of art.

The Process

The design begins before the home is placed on the land or after. Either way, the homeowner is consulted and designs are done that include the home and all exterior elements like the driveway, patio, pool, and walls. Formal and informal gardens are incorporated along with lighting that meets the client’s needs.

Proper drainage and absorption of any moisture is included in the plan. A sustainable architecture can be developed that prevents runoff by selecting the appropriate fauna. Landscapes can even be designed that do not require irrigation and save on energy.

Sustainable Design

With energy costs rising and concerns for the planet’s environment increasing, sustainable designs have become popular. This type of design uses less water, fertilizer, and energy. Landscape architecture will develop a sustainable design by minimizing any impact on the environment and conserving ecosystems. Avoiding waste by reusing and recycling and using renewable resources will keep landscapes and their owners healthy.

Not only does a sustainable landscape save money, water, and labor, but it provides food for wildlife, reduces energy consumption, and can even protect against fires. Erosion can be reduced by increasing the water-holding capacity of the soil. The landscape architect will select the healthy, disease-resistant plants that flourish in the selected environment so that less water, punning, fertilizer, and pesticides are needed.

With all the benefits that landscape architecture provides, there is no reason to not choose it. Having a landscape that looks beautiful from the inside the home, and then draws the individual to explore the outdoor living space, is a pleasure to be enjoyed for years.

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