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Black & White Kitchens

Kitchen Transformation Ideas – Black & White Kitchens

Last Updated on June 24, 2021

Black and White is a trendy new style for urban homes.

A black and white pallet can give your kitchen the modern and fashionable appeal you have been searching for. These two colors create the feeling of large spaces, highlight contrast and bring out the elegance of your kitchen.

White Cabinets & Black Countertops

With white cabinets as the focal point of the kitchen, and smooth black surfaces to compliment, your kitchen will have a modern feel. These two contrasting colors pull the room together nicely. Glass & granite countertops are highly durable and are a breeze to clean.
Black can be a powerful addition to your kitchen, but make sure to balance it with white so your room isn’t too dark. Incorporate plenty of light. High ceilings, a sliding glass door or sky lights are some other ways to balance out the black.

Tip:  When sticking to the simplicity of a black and white kitchen, have fun with the other décor surrounding your kitchen transformation! Feel free to get creative with plants, flowers and artwork. Adding red poinsettias for the holidays on top of the black countertop will really pop.

Black & White Kitchen with High Ceilings

Black & White Kitchen with High Ceilings


Black Appliances

As a part of your kitchen transformation, incorporating black appliances will give you a modern or retro appeal. It can be as simple as purchasing a new coffee pot and can be done all at once or piece by piece, depending upon your budget.

Tip: Many of the dials and handles on black appliances come in chrome or brass. Be sure to match the same color metal throughout the room.

Black Coffee Maker

 Black Coffee Maker

Black Refrigerator


Black Refrigerator


Shades of Black

When designing your kitchen, be sure to check out all shades of black the manufacturer has to offer. They are sure to carry a true black color, but they might have some variations with some delicate differences. Some appear warm with a brownish tone to it, others are cooler with subtitles of green or purple. These faint color differences will be more noticeable in daylight.

Tip: When testing out a new color, apply a small amount in the room you plan to use it in. Notice how the look changes throughout each part of the day and then make your decision.

Shades of Black

Shades of Black

Mosaic Tiles

Adding mosaic tile to your kitchen is a great way to incorporate graphical elements into the design. There is a growing trend in mosaic tiles and there are many unique styles to choose from. No matter what style or material you choose, it will be the focal point of your kitchen. Adding a mosaic tile backsplash with a little flair will help break up, brighten and rejuvenate the black and white color scheme. A mirrored tile will create texture and interest in your kitchen. Our personal favorite is Onyx.

Tip: Using a glass mosaic tile will create a brighter and more reflective design. A stone or granite tile will offer a more matte feel.

Mosaic Backsplash

Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Accent Color

Accent colors can be a great addition to your black and white kitchen. They become a focal point and add visual interest and dimension. Adding an accent color is an easy, cost effective

way to spice up your kitchen. You can create an accent by simply putting a bowl of bright apples on the counter, purchasing a brightly colored tea kettle or placing a bouquet of flowers on your center island.

Tip: Change your accent color to match the season!

Red Accent Color for Black and White Kitchen

Red Accent Color for Black and White Kitchen

The simple yet sophisticated color combination of black and white will is a classic that will never go out of style. Get started planning your dream kitchen today!

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