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Kitchen Organization Hacks You Can’t Live Without

Last Updated on January 7, 2020

The word “hack” is thought of in a bad way most of the time – from lousy professional service to illegally getting into a computer’s system. A lesser known (but more positive) definition of “hack” is “a clever solution to a tricky problem.” That’s the topic of this week’s Granite Transformations blog – a few creative “hacks” that are clever solutions to any tricky kitchen organization projects you may have going on.

Getting Organized…

We begin with basic organization. Most of us, at one time or another, take our kitchen space for granted. Everything we need is just “there” in its own space and place. Over time, clutter and disorganization set in. We start to rifle through a bunch of assorted items to get to the utensil, appliance or whatever it is that we want at the moment. Mild annoyance gives way to out and out frustration. All of this fretting can be avoided by these inventive (and inexpensive) kitchen organizing ideas.

To “fix” the disorganization dilemma of small objects and items, purchase a few small lidded plastic containers. Label them, and place each specific item into that particular container (e.g., “Rubber Bands,” “Plastic Bag Twist Ties,” etc.). (One suggestion we have is to avoid labeling a container as “Miscellaneous,” because you might start putting everything into that one, and you’ll be back to square one of searching to try and find stuff.)

Flatware organizers, as we all know, are where we keep our knives, spoons, forks and other kitchen utensils separate and in order. If you purchase a second (or third) flatware organizer, you can place everything from straws, skewers, or chopsticks into these additions. Then, whenever you need one of these more unique utensils, you can easily get to them.

Having a whiteboard on hand is an oldie-but-a-goodie when it comes to kitchen organization. On this, you can write down everything for the project at hand in big, bold letters; whether it’s a step-by-step recipe, a shopping list, or the different foods that are in the refrigerator or freezer.

You Can Use THIS and THAT in the Kitchen?!

Another example of how we take the kitchen for granted is by getting conditioned and comfortable (dare we say – lazy?) in our thinking of what items are used in this space. Here are a couple of cool kitchen organization tips whereby the last objects you would think of in relation to the kitchen might well bring efficiency and functionality to a whole new level.

File folder racks or old CD cases are perfect for storing cooking sheets in a narrow cabinet space. You can even mount towel racks on the inside of your cabinets for storing lids for your pots and pans (the handle of the lid lays on top of the horizontal rack). You can hang an old gardening rake upside down on your wall for storing wine glasses.

Do you keep your cutting board in a drawer? Is it on display on the sink or island? One option that will save space and money is placing the cutting board in a rack that can be attached to the inside of a kitchen cabinet. An inexpensive magazine rack (yes, you read that right) will serve the same purpose as a pricier one in upscale home improvement stores. Place a couple of 3M hooks (plastic hook with adhesive back) inside a kitchen cabinet, hang up the magazine rack, and your cutting board has a new home.

Now, for something really unrealized, did you know that a boot tray can make a useful drawer for placing napkins and placemats? If you have space between the top of your refrigerator and the cabinet just above it, you can place a just bought, never used boot tray in this gap and make this to keep napkins, placemats, and doilies, among other items.

We’d like to share is to keep Band-Aids in a nearby kitchen drawer. (Be honest, have you ever thought of Band-Aids as being anywhere in the kitchen.) But it more than makes sense. You will hopefully never need to use them, but in case accidents such as a small cut from a knife happens, you’ll be ready.

Do you have no place to store all of your extra plastic bags in the kitchen? Attach a 3M hook to the inside of a cabinet door, cut a hole in the back of the tissue box, stuff it with your plastic bags and hang it from the hook. It’s a great way to pull out a bag quickly without having to rummage through the pantry or under the sink.

What we’ve just listed are a few DIY tasks that can make your kitchen a smoother, easier place to work in and enjoy. We hope that we’ve been able to give you some ideas that you can find useful and helpful. Do you have any handy kitchen hacks that you’d like to share? If so, feel free to contact us. Everyone here at Granite Transformations hopes you are enjoying the spring season!


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