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Countertop Installation

Kitchen Counter Installation

Last Updated on October 1, 2010

Kitchen counter installation is an involved process, to say the least. When choosing countertop material you’re also choosing how to spend the days of installation – in your home or outside of it. If you choose a thick slab like traditional granite, marble, or soapstone you’ll probably want to escape the confines of your home as the contractors will be ripping out chunks of your island, countertop base, and making a general mess of things for about a week or more. If you’ve got new cabinets to compliment the new countertops then, well, fuggedaboutit!

You have to prepare yourself for the noise and debris and you’ve got to account for your stress levels rising. What if there was a different way?

During normal kitchen counter installations the new counter come into play only after the old one is ripped out, sawed off, un-cemented, etc. This is time consuming, messy, and expensive. During overlay installations the process is streamlined. It requires two trips to your home, but hey, a better end product requires a full-fledged preparation plan. Initially, an installation professional will come in and measure the dimensions of your countertop, how deep your sink is, and how it sits compared to the present counter, if there middle-island burners or stovetops to take into account, and other intricacies of each person’s unique kitchen.

Now this looks crisp, and with no demolition!
Now this looks crisp, and with no demolition!

After the technician leaves your home after the initial measurement you are left you own devices as to what to do between now and the new counter installation. You can throw a going away party for your old countertop. You could draw a memento to the years of inadequate counter function on the surface of your soon to be dismissed kitchen top. Or, you could simply go to bed and dream of the gorgeous new countertop on its way.

The actual installation is a breeze, and will be completed in roughly two days – and with no demolition whatsoever. Just sit back on the couch as our guys take the newly fitted countertop and place it gently right over your existing countertop, with the sink and countertop moldings being accounted for in design. No dust, no damage to your walls, just an in and out process.

Why would you do it any other way, and for a little less than granite slabs the choice should be

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