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Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen Cabinet Options

Last Updated on April 15, 2022

Whether you’re getting ready for a full kitchen remodel or simply interested in updating your cabinetry, there are countless options to choose from. On top of that, new kitchen cabinets are a significant investment. So it’s important to think about what features will stand the test of time.

You can design kitchen cabinets that are beautiful, functional, and timeless. But how do you check off all of those boxes while still taking advantage of current trends? Let’s dive into some of the latest kitchen cabinet features available today.

The Basics

Do you want custom cabinets?

Perhaps the most critical decision to start with is whether you want customized cabinets. You can choose stock cabinets from a store, order fully customized cabinets, or opt for an alternative that falls somewhere in between.

Stock cabinets limit your options, but they are by far the most budget-friendly route. If your time and budget allow, custom cabinets provide you the most leeway in designing the kitchen you are envisioning.

Cabinet and drawer boxes

If you’re undergoing a full remodel, you’ll need to think about your cabinet and drawer boxes. They are available in both natural wood and manufactured materials, such as particleboard and fiberboard. Each option will hold up differently, with some lasting longer than others.

Design Options


A recent trend in updated kitchen cabinets is flat-paneled doors. Removing excess hardware offers a clean look to your kitchen. They are also easier to maintain when you don’t have to worry about cleaning or polishing the hardware. Even better, flat-paneled cabinet doors are time-tested! This is a traditional design aesthetic that is coming back in style. If you prefer hardware, you have endless options. Take some time to explore the variety of styles and find the one that perfectly suits your style and preferences.

Material and color

White kitchen cabinets were popular for many years but are slowly fading out of fashion. Traditional wood cabinets, such as walnut and stained oak, are rapidly returning to popularity. The nice thing about wood is that it lasts for a long time if properly maintained. Wood cabinets can also be restained if you decide you want another look in the future. Another option is to choose a color, with either paint or stain. Kitchen décor is trending to include muted earth tones these days. This style makes a fantastic pairing for your granite, quartz, or marble countertops.

Built-in organization

If your budget allows, consider opting for specialty drawers and cabinets. Many available options feature built-in organizational compartments. You no longer have to dig under a stack of pots and pans if you choose a cabinet designed to hold items such as cookie sheets and cutting boards. Specialty cabinets also allow you to tuck items away that may otherwise sit out, allowing you to present a less cluttered area. Think storage for items such as spices, the trash can, and knives.

Think about cabinet refacing

If the overall structure of your cabinets is still holding up well and you are happy with your current storage space, you can update your kitchen while saving money. Cabinet refacing gives you the chance to update the aesthetic of your kitchen without going through a complete kitchen demolition and remodel. During this process, the cabinet doors and drawer fronts are removed. The surfaces are updated to meet your color and design choices. With cabinet refacing, you can achieve that new look you hoped for without spending a fortune.

The options for updating your kitchen cabinets truly are endless. If you can dream it, you can find help making your vision a reality. With options ranging from cabinet refinishing and refacing to a full kitchen cabinet remodel, you’ll find a solution that meets your needs and budget. Reach out to Granite and TREND Transformations today to schedule a consultation!

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