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Kitchen & Bath Cabinet Refacing: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Last Updated on June 30, 2023

Cabinet refacing is an excellent way to give your kitchen and bathroom a fresh and updated look without the hefty price tag of a complete cabinet replacement. But some common mistakes can derail the process and result in unsatisfactory outcomes. We want to help you avoid those! So below, you will find information about some of the most common cabinet-refacing mistakes, along with valuable tips on preventing them.

Using Low-Quality Materials

Don’t get fooled by the price tag! Those cheap veneers and adhesives are tempting. But opting for them can lead to peeling, warping, or a short lifespan for your newly refaced cabinets. We strongly recommend investing in high-quality materials.

Neglecting Proper Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is crucial for a successful cabinet refacing project. Neglecting this step can lead to poor adhesion and an unprofessional finish. Before applying any new veneer or paint, thoroughly clean the surfaces of your cabinets and remove any dirt, grease, or old finishes. Sanding the cabinet doors and frames will create a smooth and receptive surface for the new materials. 


Ignoring Hardware and Accessories

Neglecting to update or replace cabinet hardware and accessories is a common oversight. Old, worn-out handles, knobs, or hinges can diminish the overall impact of your refacing efforts. Invest in new hardware that complements the updated look of your cabinets, ensuring a cohesive and polished finish.

Skipping Professional Assistance

Cabinet refacing may seem like a DIY-friendly project. But it requires precision and expertise. Skipping professional assistance can lead to misalignments, uneven finishes, and wasted materials. Hiring a skilled cabinet refacing contractor will ensure the job is done correctly. Their experience and knowledge will help you avoid costly mistakes and deliver professional-quality results. At Granite and TREND Transformations, our professional cabinet refacing contractors will ensure you end up with the cabinets of your dreams while avoiding these common DIY mistakes.

When you are ready to start refacing your cabinets, contact Granite and TREND Transformations. Our design team will come out for a free in-home consultation to help you select all the materials for your dream cabinets!

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