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Quartz Fireplace Granite Transformations

Keep Warm This Winter with These Gorgeous Fireplaces

Last Updated on January 7, 2020

Nothing announces the holiday season like a roaring fireplace. Whether or not there’s snow outside, warming up with a fire and a cup of hot chocolate makes a perfect evening. Check out the list below for some of our own dream fireplaces, and imagine cozying up with friends and family in front of your favorite design.

The Elegant Quartz Fireplace

For sleek design and sheer beauty, nothing beats quartz. More durable than granite, quartz also requires no polishing or reconditioning, making clean up a breeze. This beautiful white quartz fireplace offsets the wood overlay and black flooring for a stylish, modern look.     

The Stately Granite Fireplace

Granite comes in many colors and styles, and is a perfect material with which to build your dream fireplace. Granite is heat resistant, and there’s no messy installation to interfere with your holiday plans. This grey stone granite compliments the wooden floors and cabinets, adding an extra touch of class to this living room.

Granite Fireplace Granite Transformations

The Colorful Recycled Glass Fireplace

There isn’t a more surprising material for a fireplace than recycled glass, which has a particular beauty and sheen, perfect for retro designs and patterns. With a low carbon emissions production, recycled glass is an environmentally-preferred material. Here, the colorful glass adds a touch of playfulness to this otherwise standard living room, livening up the space and acting as a great contrast the plain wood mantle.

Recycled Glass Fireplace Granite Transformations

The Classy Mosaic Tile Fireplace

Mosaic tile is an excellent choice for your fireplace. Here, the earth-tone colors do well to offset the otherwise modern and cold greys and browns. Mosaic tile can vary greatly, from the simple design below to a busier, more colorful splash like the recycled glass above. Use pre-grouted mosaics on your dream fireplace for a fast and clean installation.

Mosaic Tile Fireplace Granite Transformations



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