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Janet 2.0: Granite and TREND Transformations’ Design Guru Returns with New TV Spots

Last Updated on November 10, 2021

She’s back! Janet—the practical and amusing design guru for Granite and TREND Transformations—is back with another series of TV commercials and videos designed to show homeowners like you how we get to the “after” faster.

Focus on results

You already know what your kitchen or bath looks like, so why compare “before” and “after” pictures like other retailers do? What you really want to see is the result—the “after,” if you will. That’s where Janet steps in. In her typical quirky fashion, Janet cuts to the chase by showing you how our cutting-edge renovation projects can be completed faster and with less mess and stress than other remodeling companies. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

“People don’t want to be displaced from their homes for weeks and months on end due to the lengthy traditional kitchen and bathroom home remodeling process. Janet explains how, with our unique over-the -top solution, we get them to the ‘after’ faster—with less mess and less stress.”

Vanessa Conde, Senior Global Vice President of Marketing for Granite and TREND Transformations

The “after” effects

Some things are set in stone—so to speak. And when it comes to the “after,” Janet has some “after”effects that you won’t mind enduring:

  • After a homeowner has a consultation—whether in-person or virtual—the professionals at Granite and TREND Transformations create beautifully constructed etherium® By E-Stone countertops, complete with built-in 24/7 protection from Microban® antimicrobial technology.
  • After these countertops are constructed, they are perfectly fitted over the old surfaces. (You know, the “before” phase.) In contrast to the time, work, and expense required of a complete renovation, Granite and TREND Transformations can remake and revitalize almost any kitchen or bathroom space “super-fast,” as Janet says.

Facing the facts on refacing

Just as Janet puts a face to our name, our beautiful cabinet refacing styles are the perfect complement to our gorgeous line of etherium® By E-Stone countertop surfaces. Granite and TREND Transformations makes it all possible with a variety of the most popular styles and colors to match any design taste. And don’t forget that our professional design team is your go-to inspiration resource when it comes to selecting the perfect mosaic tile backsplash, tub surround, flooring, and so much more.

Seeing is believing

See Janet in action as she describes our unique “over-the-top” solution that will have you seeing results and focusing on the “after” part of your renovation project.

“After all,” as Janet says, “over a million satisfied customers can’t be wrong.”

View Here

Contact us today for a free design consultation and see how you can get to the “after” part of your renovation faster with an installation process that is literally “over the top!”

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