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Inspiring Interior Design Trends for 2018

Last Updated on June 28, 2018

Current interior design trends are sparking excitement with today’s homeowners who are kicking things up a notch in their kitchens and bathrooms. From simple swaps to adding creative touches, this year’s trends have something for everyone.

Here is a peek into some of 2018’s current interior design trends for kitchens and bathrooms:

Dining Room Tables in the Kitchen


kitchen interior design trends 2018
Photo Credit: DeGraw and DeHaan Architects

Dining is going from formal-to-casual as homeowners are bringing their dining room tables into the kitchen, thus eliminating the need for large dining spaces. Some homeowners are opting for this trend over installing a kitchen island as a way to bring their families together while keeping the space cozy.

Cement Tile


Cement tile in tha bathroom
Photo Credit: Elle Décor


Do you have a flair for the dramatic? Cement tiles blend the look of classic elegance with dramatic style – without the high price tag. This affordable luxury is one of 2018’s top current interior design trends.

Partial Glass Inserts for Tub/Shower


Partial glass inserts for shower door
Shower in Polar Ice recycled glass with Essential A Wallpaper accent wall by Granite and Trend Transformations


Homeowners are opening their eyes to more airy and open bathrooms as they choose to ditch their shower curtains and go with the option of permanent partial glass inserts. Plus, it’s a great way to show off a bathroom’s beautiful tile work!

Linear Drains


Linear drain in shower
Tub-to-shower conversion with linear drain by Granite and Trend Transformations



Let’s face it, drains aren’t much to look at. In fact, most of us don’t give drains a second thought. Until now. Linear drains provide a sleek look without the eyesore of an ugly drain. Granite and Trend Transformations can convert your tired old tub into a gorgeous walk-in shower (like the one above) in next to no time. Learn more about the benefits of a tub-to-shower conversion and consider whether you might be interested in getting a free consultation and quote.


Wide Plank Floors


Wide plank floors and calacatta countertop
Calacatta countertop by Granite and Trend Transformations


The answer to upping your interior décor game in the kitchen may be right under your feet. Wide plank floors bring a sense of warmth and luxury to any room, and today’s homeowners are extending this look and feel to their kitchens. This new trend not only makes small kitchens look larger but also creates a new dimension of excitement within the home.

Inspirational Spaces


Inspirational bathroom interior design trends
Bathroom renovation by Granite and Trend Transformations with Black Star recycled glass floors


Creating your own personal space is one of today’s most inspirational interior design trends. We’ve always had the freedom to create the space we crave, but today, it’s all about “living in the moment” and reconnecting with our own spirit. And, this belief might very well manifest itself as a space within your home.

Stone Sinks


Stone sink interior design trends 2018
Granite and Trend Transformations kitchen renovation, including a granite composite sink.


In the past, sinks have been an underrated accessory that are now taking centerstage in both kitchens and baths. Stone-engineered sinks are making a splash in current design trends as they have style, durability, and ease-of-maintenance.

Get inspired with the Granite and Trend Transformations’ Design Inspiration gallery. Contact us today to schedule your free in-home design consultation and let us help bring your design ideas to life.

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