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Hacienda: World’s Most Expensive Dog House

Incredible Dog Houses

Last Updated on November 17, 2011

Many people regard their dogs as members of the family. Some are treated just like cherished children. Our dogs are well cared for, and we give them things to call their own, like a collar and toys. And while many beloved dogs live indoors inside our own house, we often give them a place to rest when they’re in the backyard in the form of a dog house. Most doghouses are of simple construction and design. They don’t require much but a pad and a water bowl. Our dogs just don’t mind how their house looks; they aren’t connoisseurs of architecture or design. But some dog owners love their pets too much to give them a plain and basic house. These owners also tend to have too much money to spare. Here are some of the most incredible dog houses.

The Cool Pet House

The Cool Pet House, which was debuted at the Australian Pet Expo, is a technologically advanced home design. The Cool Pet House has heating and air conditioning for your pet, and you can control the temperature on the thermostat with a remote control. There is a humidifying system that keeps the humidity at a comfortable 50 to 60 percent. There are LED lights inside the home and out. There is even a buffer area at the front of the home that provides a transition area for your pet (temperature controlled) so they are not exposed to sudden temperature changes. Best of all, there is Wi-Fi camera that allows you to watch your pets when you’re away.
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Beyond the Crate Houses

If you have $5,000 to $30,000 to spend on your dog house, consider getting your pooch one of the Celebrity Dog Mansions from You can select a custom-made home for your dog in a variety of different styles: hacienda, brick estate, white colonial, Swiss chalet, Georgetown, Victorian, English cottage, or French chateau. For each home you will be consulted before construction, and you will help design the home to your specific desires. Your home will be built just for your dog, from the blueprint to the landscaping. Your dog can get a variety of amenities as well, including running water, lighting, heat, and air conditioning. If you like, you can even build your dog an exact replica of your own home.

World’s Most Expensive Dog House

Any dog owner who truly wants to give their dog the most luxurious pad can take a cue from the owner of a pair of Great Danes in Gloucestershire, England. She (a surgeon who wishes to remain anonymous) commissioned architect Andy Ramus to build a doghouse that cost about half a million dollars. The climate-controlled home has a private bedroom for each dog with sheepskin-lined beds, a spa, sound system, and 52-inch plasma television. There are automated food and water dispensers, a day lounge, and an outdoor area with a climbing ramp for playtime. CCTVs also provide security and allow the owner to check up on her pooches at any time, and the dog house is connected to the main house. It was even designed to have a retina scan at the entry to ensure only the lucky Danes are allowed in.

Susan Wright DVM writes for DogFenceDiy the invisible fence alternative.

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