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Interior Painting

How to Select the Right Paint Type and Colour for Your Home’s Interior

Last Updated on October 18, 2011

Selecting the right paint and colour for your home’s interior is simply a matter of personal taste and style in most cases. Although it can be a simple task, there are some tips however that you can use to make the decision making process easier. When choosing paint, consider these tips to assist you in making your choices.

Types of Interior Paint Finishes

Paint comes in four basic finishes and each finish is better served in different rooms in your home.These finishes are:


The finish gives a very flat, dry appearance to your walls. Though the appearance is a beautiful one, many people stray from matt finishes because they are difficult to clean. Matt finishes are great as accents and on ceilings.

Mid and Soft Sheen:

These two finishes are perfect for bedrooms, hallways and living spaces. Light will reflect off of the walls slightly, adding personality and subtle colour changes to your room. Easier to clean than matt finishes, these can readily be wiped with a damp cloth and mild detergent.


This paint has a high sheen and is incredibly durable. The easiest of all finishes to wash when dirty, gloss paints are best suited to bathrooms and kitchens where walls are most likely to get dirty.

Choosing your Colours

The colour you choose for your walls is a simple matter of preference. Look for inspiration from the following:

Your Wardrobe:

If you open your bedroom cupboard and find that you are staring at the same colouror a similar colour palette, you may find that painting your walls in a colour from the same family soothing and relaxing. There’s a reason that you choose this colour for your clothing.


When painting your kitchen, look to your dishes, particularly if you have a favourite set. Dishes can be incredibly colourful and pulling one of the colours out for your walls can give you further inspiration to give your kitchen a brand new look.


There are a plethora of home design magazines on the market. Buy a few and leaf through its pages. No doubt you’ll find several pictures or adverts that you can use to choose your wall colour.


If you have a favourite season, consider choosing colours for your walls that relate to that season. For instance, if you look forward to autumn each year, think of hues of red, orange and yellow for your walls.


Everyone has a favourite flower or tree. If you favour Gerbera daisies, for example, think of buying a bouquet and taking a few of the colourful flowers with you when you choose paint.

No matter the colour or finish that you choose, the proper tools are essential in painting your home’s interior. Be sure to purchase the correct rollers and brushes for the paint finish and current condition of your walls. Doing the job properly will ensure that your colour choices and finish looks beautiful in your home’s interior.

Author Bio:

Nic is a former builder and full-time interior design specialist, assisting home owners with selectingthe right feel for their home. From interior paint to cutlery sets, he takes pride in delivering a finish to homes thatthe owners can be truly proud of. His favourite type of design is for high-value display homes, wherehe is only limited by his imagination.

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