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Kitchen Cabinet Lights

How to Install Lights under Kitchen Cabinets

Last Updated on January 3, 2012

Under cabinet lighting not only provides additional light for your counter workspace, it also creates a warm ambiance for the kitchen. Here’s how to install lights under kitchen cabinets.

There are a few options when it comes to installing under cabinet lighting. One of the simplest of the options is to install low voltage lights using a puck light kit. The kit includes small circular light discs you can install underneath cabinets. The power supply plugs into the wall so the installation doesn’t require any hardwiring or electrical work.

Purchase the under cabinet lighting kit with the level of voltage that works best for your kitchen. Tools you’ll need for the installation include Phillips and standard screw drivers, a hammer, pencil, ladder, tape measure and a drill.

Clear your workspace and remove everything from your countertops and the first shelf of your cabinets. This way you won’t have to be concerned about knocking things over or removing items are you work.

Plan and mark with a pencil where you’ll place the lights under the cabinets. Place the lights at least 12 inches apart for safety reasons. Put the lights close to the front of the cabinets so that you get the best lighting coverage for the countertop.

Plan where you’ll route your wires for the lighting. Choose a route where you can best conceal the wires and the power supply. Routing the wire behind the cabinets is an option if there’s space. If not you will need to drill holes and run the wires through the cabinets. You will ultimately route the wires to lead to the outlet behind your refrigerator. Don’t hide the wires behind the wall, otherwise you should opt for a hardwire installation instead.

Mount your lights into position under the cabinet using your drill. The wire on each light should face the back of the cabinet for routing. If the light has a lens cover remove it before you drill the light to the cabinet. You can snap the cover back on afterwards.

Put the power supply behind the refrigerator so that it’s concealed. This is where you’ll route your wires. Mount the wires along the route to the power supply. Use clips to hold the wires in place. Hide any extra wiring in the cabinet or in spaces in between. Connect all of your wires via wire plugs. Mount the switch or dimmer in a convenient location and connect it to the power supply so you can check out your work.

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