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Colorful throw pillows

How to Decorate with Pastels for Easter

Last Updated on April 3, 2017

Pastels are one of the hottest decorating trends this year. With Easter decorating and Passover on the minds of many, homeowners are embracing this softer side of the spectrum and primping their rooms with touches of these pretty Easter pastel shades.

Here, we will showcase some beautiful ways you can incorporate Easter pastels into your home décor and offer some fun Easter decorating ideas to welcome both the Easter bunny and the spring into your home.

Decorating with Easter Pastels

Light and Whimsical

This neutral living room was easily transformed by hanging light and airy turquoise curtains, paired with fun, ocean blue accents. Adding blue pastel pillows to the white chair along with “pops” of pastels makes the room feel serene and inviting.

Living room accented with pastel decor

Mixing Bold and Bright

As seen in this relaxed, neutral living room, pastels can bring rich brightness. The gray couch provides a perfect backdrop for the funky green throw pillows that make the room pop with color and interest.

Living room with funky green accents

Barely There

For those who aren’t ready to go all out with pastels this spring, try sneaking them in (as shown on this staircase). A hint of coral on these steps is a unique way to show off your creative side while keeping it simple and toned down.

Staircase highlighted with pink

Sleep Softly

This light soothing colors in this modern, minimalist bedroom bring a nurturing, calming, and reassuring feel. The pale orange and gray hues on the wall and brightly colored throw pillows combine to create a perfect spot to settle in for the night.

Soothing pastel bedroom

Coastal Elegance

Light gray mosaic tiles and rustic coastal décor make this bathroom inviting and calming. The tulips and green fern add just the right amount of pop.

Elegant coastal bathroom

Casual Dining and Conversation

This cozy dining area is the perfect spot to add pops of pastels. The pale Easter egg blue pairs beautifully with solid and print pastel pillows. The window shades round out the look for a nook that is classic and elegant.

Pastel breakfast nook
Photo credit:

Easter Decorating Ideas

These fun Passover and Easter décor ideas will get you excited for spring and the upcoming holidays!

Over the Top

Greenery and Easter pastel-colored eggs adorn this chandelier for a fun and festive look that is sure to spark conversation around your holiday table.

Easter egg chandelier
Photo Credit:

Bunny Tales

Welcome your guests with this elegant Easter scene adorned with pastels, featuring bunnies and a beautifully crafted centerpiece of pastel eggs and greenery.

Bunny centerpiece
Photo Credit:

Passover in Full Bloom

Set a beautiful Passover table with an Easter pastel tablecloth and coordinating glasses and votive candles. The flowering centerpieces are set in simple containers to create an elegance that is refined and understated.

Passover flower centerpieces
Photo Credit:

Simple Elegance

Less is more with this simple but elegant centerpiece. Easter pastel-colored eggs fill a clear pedestal bowl to bring a touch of the holiday to your table. Fresh flowers in pastel hues add freshness to this arrangement, making it a pretty addition to your home.

Easter centerpiece with eggs and flowers
Photo Credit:

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