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How to Choose the Right Granite Color for Your Kitchen

Last Updated on January 12, 2022

The Perfect Granite Color

Choosing the right granite color for your kitchen may be easier than you think. Did you know experts say the color of your kitchen cabinets can be all the inspiration you need to design your dream look?

Cabinet Counterpart

Cabinet color is the ultimate coordinating factor when choosing granite color. It is therefore a good idea to bring a sample of your kitchen cabinets when shopping for granite to help pair them up. Ideally, it’s best to choose a granite color that contrasts with the cabinets, but which also has natural veining or speckles that match the cabinet color. It’s also not uncommon to see kitchens with matching cabinets and countertops. In these cases, the contrast comes from darker veining in the granite.

Whether you’re more traditional, lean toward a contemporary look, or fall somewhere in-between, we’ve got you covered with our cabinet coordination techniques to help you choose the right granite color for your kitchen. Which one is for you?

Black and White

Black and white kitchen

You don’t have to see things as simply black and white to embrace this classic look. White cabinets are a perfect backdrop for black or gray granite, quartz or recycled glass. They are a classic pairing that will keep your kitchen looking contemporary for years to come.

Neutral Appeal

Cherry cabinets with Terra Di Siena granite countertops

Cherry cabinets pair beautifully with the beige base color in this granite, Terra Di Siena. The Metropolis Bronzite backsplash highlights the bronze-colored specks in the granite, which helps tie everything together. The granite has cherry notes from the cabinets as well, which is why Terra Di Siena is such a great choice, because it matches with almost any backsplash and cabinet combination.

Go Green

Go green in the kitchen

Nothing brings a sense of warmth to a room than a touch of green. Earthy green granite brings dark or light-colored cabinets to life by adding a natural element that delivers a sense of calm and serenity.


Same color countertops and cabinets

Same color countertops and cabinets

Choosing a countertop color that is the same as your cabinets is a win-win for those who love a sleek, clean look. To add an interesting element to the room, and for an elegant feel, try choosing a granite color that has darker grains or specks throughout.

To get one of these looks from Granite Transformations in your home, or to learn more about choosing the right granite color for your kitchen, schedule your free in-home consultation today.

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