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How to begin your kitchen re-design

Last Updated on November 22, 2011

This guest blog post was written by Tracy Tesmer, founder of Tracy Tesmer Design • Build • Remodel • Repair, a Gainesville, GA kitchen remodeling company specializing in kitchen renovations. Tracy has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry and hosts a weekly home improvement radio show on WDUN in North Georgia.

The hardest part is getting started – at least that may be the case when beginning a kitchen re-design project. However, when following these helpful and simple pointers, even the initial phases of such a project can be stress-free and will come together nicely.

Narrow it down

The pre-planning and planning phase of any remodeling project is the most important. Not only will you get all your ideas into one uniform plan or design, you’ll also save time and money in the long haul. So, on paper, write down your favorite ideas for your project – color scheme, types of fixtures and cabinets, appliances, etc. If you’re short on ideas, consult a remodeling expert or page through some home renovation books. Take a few weeks to get a good feel for all your ideas; then narrow down your list so it includes your favorites.

Goals and budget

Will the ideas and items on your short list help achieve the overall goal you have in mind for your revamped kitchen? If not, add, delete or change the list to fit your vision of your future kitchen. This is a time to remember how much space you have to work with. It’s easy to overestimate the amount of room you have. Don’t get caught in this trap; take precise measurements so you know exactly the area you’re working with. This also is where you should begin to seriously think about your budget. Are the items on your short list affordable to meet your budget? If they are not, are the items available in an off brand or more affordable model? They probably are but, if they happen not to be, you may have to break items down into essential and non-essential items in order to spare pain to your pocketbook.

Work schedule

Just as important as a money budget is a time budget. Be realistic – a full-scale kitchen re-design cannot be finished in a day. Make a realistic timeline of when the re-design project should begin and be completed. Fill in more detailed information between the start and end dates. For example, at what point on the timeline will countertops be installed? Or, if you choose to include an island in your new kitchen, when does it appear on the timeline? This timeline will be helpful when discussing your project with those remodelers and experts who will help re-design and bring your kitchen project to fruition.

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