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How To Bargain Shop For Luxurious Home Furnishings

Last Updated on January 11, 2012


The cost of luxurious home furnishings can be expensive, and sometimes, down-right outrageous.  The problem is, you really want that couch or those paintings and lamps to accent your current living room.  The question is, how do you get them without blowing your budget out of the wallet, or landing yourself in debt?  Simply follow these great tips on how to bargain shop for luxurious home furnishings and you will be able to purchase the home furnishings of your dreams, while still staying within your budget.

#1 – Check Out Offers Online

Many luxurious home furnishing stores offer discounts for purchasing online or special offers that are only available online.  However, choosing home furnishings can be difficult just by looking at them.  In some cases, you want to feel the fabric, or see the colors with your own eyes.  To solve this problem, you can check out the store, if possible, and then purchase the items online to receive the bargains for luxurious home furnishings.

#2 – Sign Up For E-Newsletters

Most companies will offer you a free subscription to their email version of their newsletter.  This will give you advanced insight of upcoming specials, promotions and bargains on luxurious home furnishings.  In particular, keep your eyes open for after holiday sales, semi-annual sales and early bird sales, all of which will offer great bargains for the luxurious home furnishings you dream of.

#3 – After Holiday Sales

As with most department stores, the sales after the holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, are often better than during the holidays.  You can find bargains on luxurious home furnishings by shopping after the holidays at some of the more expensive home stores.  In many situations, companies stock up prior to the holidays and now need to get rid of the extra stock in order to make room for items just coming out.

#4 – Attend Semi-Annual Sales

There are several luxurious home furnishing companies that will over special sales throughout the year, known as semi-annual sales, where their prices are lower than the rest of the year.  Again, similar to after holiday sales, companies hold semi-annual sales to reduce their stock on last season’s items, which although are still in style, they need room for this season’s items.

#5 – Early Bird Sales

Watch for early bird sales, where you need to be there earlier than normal store hours to receive bargains on luxurious home furnishings.  Stores provide these types of sales to have more customers in the store at a particular time.  So remember, with early bird sales, the store may be a little more crowded, but you can still find terrific bargains on luxurious home furnishings.

#6 – Last Season’s Furnishings

As with anything else, what was on-trend last year will be different this year.  However, you can still find some great pieces of furniture and home décor items from last season that are often sold for reduced prices to make room for this season’s new items.  Remember, purchasing a couch from last season does not make it outdated – it is just not the newest item on the market.

Josh Thompson is a popular guest blogger for a handful of frugality, family, and interior design blogs. He also works with the new community purchasing site for luxury furniture, LuxeYard.

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