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Concrete Floor Coating

How to Apply Concrete Floor Coating

Last Updated on February 1, 2012

Whether you own an auto repair shop, detail cars as a hobby or simply want your garage to be an easier place to clean, I’ve found that applying a concrete floor coating can do wonders to the overall look of any garage. Once you have all the tools, the entire process is relatively simple.

Epoxy floor coating has a lot of advantages in a garage environment, especially as it resists oil stains and wipes clean very easily, similar to a kitchen counter. It can be especially handy in the winter months with the antiskid additives, which help when water has beaded up.

Just make sure that you choose a coating color that is appropriate for a garage—white will leave all kinds of scuff marks if you don’t plan on cleaning regularly. If you want to update your garage floor, here are the steps you will have to take:

Prepare your floor – In order to bond properly, your floor needs to be completely clean and porous. If you have potholes, you will need to patch them, and if your concrete is sealed, you will have to use a chemical stripper.

Etch the floor – When you purchase all your supplies (usually found in a kit), you will have some etching solution. Wet your garage area and use a bristle broom to etch the floor in small sections. After you are done (etching in both directions), use the hose again to rinse the garage clear again.

Mix the epoxy paint and begin painting – You will mix the hardener and the paint until they are completely blended, and then wait thirty minutes for the chemicals to react. After that, you have two hours to completely paint your garage. Be sure to use a roller for speed, but touch up the corners and seams with a brush.

Apply color flakes – Color flakes help hide any discoloration in your garage. When the paint is still wet, sprinkle the flakes over the top at the same time as you are painting. You might want to have someone help you with this.

Prepare and paint the top coat – Once you mix the top coat, you will again have to wait thirty minutes for the chemicals. Like the first concrete floor coating, you will have two hours to evenly distribute the top coat.

Once you have completed all these steps, you simply have to wait for everything to dry completely. Don’t drive a car on your new coating until you have waited 72 hours, but then enjoy the ease of a hard concrete floor coating in your garage space.

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