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French Interior Design

How to achieve the French look in your home on a shoestring budget

Last Updated on October 24, 2011

Are you tired of searching for the French look for your home on a shoestring budget? The clean, classic, and crisp look that defines this country is something that adds elegance to the home. Getting the style you want is not a huge hassle if you have the right information.

What Are the Elements of the French Look?

When it comes to achieving the interior design elements of France, certain items should be included. Among the list of items defining this style are:

• Soft pastel colored walls
• Hand-crafted laces and soft cream coloured fabrics
• Hand-carved wooden furniture
• Baseboards and fluted mouldings
• Ornate jacquard and brocade upholstery
• Artwork and antiques

However, there are other points that are typically over-looked. For example, many people focus on the cool white-blue colours of the country French look and forget about the warm gold’s and yellows. Others will forget about the ornate toile and only highlight pinstripes and floral patterns. In the end, getting the balance right means focusing on centrepiece items.

French Look Centrepiece Items

In French interior design philosophy, when a person walks into a room, their eyes should focus on the most beautiful thing that room owns. For example, a crystal vase may be the only finery. For this reason, it will likely be in the centre of the room. Instead of putting fresh cut flowers in it everyday, a bundle of pussy willows or other decorative dried plant may be used. Other ideas include artwork, a chandelier, a handcrafted wooden table, or an ornate antique.

Deviation in French Interior Design

When it comes to making the final decisions on what direction the interior design should go in a French look, the next obstacle is an important one to face front on. That decision is whether you are going for a country French or a palatial look. With so many of the castles and chateaus in France, there is a distinct pattern. Unlike the French country look, the chateau style is the opposite of simple. This means that the ceilings and floors may be as highly decorated as the floral pattern on the walls.

French Painted Furniture

What distinguishes the look France loves compared to other countries is their penchant for painted furniture. Instead of tossing something out when it is getting dull or boring, the French will opt to see how it looks with a fresh coat of paint. With the simplified country look, this means choosing soft pastels in bold colours like marigold, olive, or colonial blue. On the other hand, with the elegant look, painted furniture means pairing up bright white with gold paint.

Distinct Fabrics Finalize the French Look

Fabric selection is everything in your interior design scheme geared to reflect the homes of Paris. If you want the most extreme country look, your fabrics will be cotton and cream coloured. However, the elegant designs of a French chateau are reliant on shiny jacquards, organza, and satin. Whether you choose the luxury or everyday look of France, the main point of all interior design in that country is for the owner of the home to have a space that reflects how they feel. For this reason, be sure to expand your inner desires and dreams to there fullest as you decorate your home with the French look.

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