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How Mosaics and Stone Can Create Cozy Retreats

Last Updated on January 7, 2020

Quartz, recycled glass and mosaic tiles are finding their way out of kitchens and baths and into unsuspecting areas of today’s trendiest homes. With cooler weather fast approaching, homeowners are cozying up to the idea of embellishing their fireplaces and other intimate spaces with unique, warm designs featuring stunning surfaces that create a vision of luxury and opulence.

Here are some exquisite examples of how Granite Transformations can transform ordinary spaces in your home into extraordinary cozy retreats:

The fireplace above features a Nero Galaxy granite surround with TREND Mosaic Vitreo 208 mantel and top accent. The black tones come together to create a sleek, clean, modern look in this living space.


This contemporary fireplace surround features a glass mosaic tile design from TREND called Murano 3, which was born from the Venetian Murrine. A true work of art, this design has the power to inspire large and small modern spaces.


The walls in this serene bedroom are clad with an embroidery-style mosaic pattern from TREND called Pizzo. This design is sure to create a relaxing, inviting atmosphere.



This is not your average wainscoting, nor is it your average library! If you look closer in the image above, the gold and flower design is constructed of several small glass mosaic tiles. This design is called Boiserie (Golden Garden) and can purchased by contacting TREND

For more information on how you can achieve one of these looks in your home, or a unique look of your own, please visit Granite Transformations for a free in-home design consultation.


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