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GT Kitchen Waterfall Marble Countertop

Hot Kitchen Trends for 2019

Last Updated on July 3, 2019

The summer sizzle is finding its way into today’s kitchens as things are heating up with exciting kitchen trends to transform your kitchen design from ordinary to extraordinary. This month, we will showcase hot kitchen trends for 2019 with some standouts that might even surprise the savviest homeowners.

Generic Kitchen with Colorful AppliancesColorful Cabinets and Appliances

Adding pops of color in your kitchen design is one of today’s hottest kitchen trends, with shades of blue remaining the most popular color. Colorful cabinets and appliances can pull the room together by tying in hues from other elements such as a mosaic tile backsplash or window treatment.

 Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are topping the charts as sales of engineered quartz beat out natural stone materials in 2018. As light and bright décor gains momentum, white countertops continue to gain popularity as part of the newest kitchen trends with industry experts reporting a significant jump in sales from the previous year.

Engineered Flooring in the Kitchen

Granite and TREND Transformations offers a beautiful selection of engineered flooring that is a true standout in today’s kitchens. All of our surfaces can be used as flooring. (They can even give hardwood flooring a run for its money.) Although engineered wood, vinyl, and laminate are still popular options, stained concrete flooring is anticipated to be one of the new kitchen trends over the next three years as industrial-style kitchens are projected to be the next big thing.

Multiple Small Refrigerators

The days of having one large refrigerator may be a thing of the past as homeowners are changing how they configure their kitchen design. Personalization and customization are today’s buzzwords when it comes to using multiple kitchen refrigerators. Adding several refrigerators and freezer drawers in your kitchen can offer greater flexibility and accessibility.

Motion-Activated Faucets

Did you know more than half of the faucets purchased today have hi-tech features? Motion-activated faucets are among the hottest current kitchen trends, not only for their touchless convenience and sleek design but for economical water-saving benefits. Oh, and did someone mention “food safety”? Imagine rinsing or handling raw meat and not having to worry about disinfecting everything. It’s no wonder motion-activated faucets are becoming one of today’s must-have features in kitchen design.

Hi-Tech Features

One of today’s hot kitchen trends puts the power of technology in the palm of your hand – literally. The top three high-tech features to be on the lookout for in 2019 and beyond are mobile device accommodations which include the ability to control appliances with your smartphone, voice-enabled home automation platforms, and safety technology that alerts a cellphone of an undesirable situation. Read more about smart home technology here.

Generic Kitchen with Mismatched Metal FinishesMismatched Metal Finishes (Handles and Fixtures)

“Matchy-matchy” is a thing of the past as more than half of today’s homeowners are switching things up by mixing metal finishes such as nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and brushed or satin black. In the picture above, bronze-rimmed fixtures are a beautiful standout against nickel cabinet handles and pulls. It’s the perfect contrast to add beauty and interest to the space.

Expanded Kitchen Islands with Storage

GT Kitchen with IslandIt’s hard to find a kitchen design today without an island. In fact, most homeowners would agree their kitchen island is a favorite feature since it works double duty in one of the busiest rooms in the house. From providing added counter and storage space to offering a casual dining and entertaining area, kitchen islands are a paradise all their own.

Is your kitchen ready for a trendy facelift? Contact us for your free in-home design consultation today and see how quick and easy it can be to try out the newest kitchen trends.


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