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Hot Kitchen Design Trends for 2017

Last Updated on December 27, 2016

Tuxedo Cabinets (No jacket required)

Don’t let the name fool you. Although tuxedo cabinets sound formal, the trend of varying upper and lower cabinets in contrasting colors is a unique and relaxed way to transform your kitchen from shaggy to chic. Homeowners can dress their homes in style (black tie optional) with a look that exudes elegance and sophistication. And although black-and-white are the traditional contrasting colors for tuxedo cabinets, experts agree it’s perfectly acceptable to expand the cabinet dress code to other contrasting colors, such as navy blue and soft grey or other combinations that suit your style.

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Shiplap (A fancy word for wood paneling)

It’s not what you think. Yes, most of us remember the old dark wood paneling that covered our living room or basement walls, but today’s home design gurus are finding clever ways to use white shiplap to give today’s kitchens a fresh, modern look while still adding a touch of nostalgia and warmth.

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 Appliance Hideaway

One of today’s top kitchen trends is to include the perfect “hiding away place” for your kitchen appliances, both big and small. The days of showing off stainless steel appliances and a parade of gadgets along your kitchen countertops are long gone. Experts agree that keeping your appliances hidden away – either behind matching cabinet doors or peek-a-boo storage spaces – is a stylish way to keep everything blended and consistent with your design scheme.

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Hardware Mashup

Industry experts are switching things up in the kitchen hardware department by ditching matching pulls, handles and faucets, and are mixing various finishes such as copper, pewter and gold to add interest and character to today’s kitchens.

Fading Kitchen Trends

  • Short and dark-wood finished cabinets are being replaced with taller and brighter ones to create a more open space and timeless look.
  • Speckled granite countertops are no longer the rage. New materials such as quartz and marble are becoming the front-runners in today’s kitchens because of their maintainability and stain-resistant qualities.


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