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Security Grilles

Home Security Upgrades: What Are Your Options?

Last Updated on November 29, 2011

It is a well-known fact that we live in a society that poses risks and threats to one’s well-being much more so than our parents and grandparents. Of course, the evolution of technology has made life simpler, but it has also brought on a series of perils and threats unbeknownst to man several decades ago. Consider all the appliances, electronic devices and gadgets you have lying around your home. Not only are they liable to malfunction and cause damage to your home, but their value exposes you to the threat of burglary. To this end, we’ve collected information on some of the most commonly used security options for homes available, which include roller shutters, security grilles, electronic security systems, security cameras and the traditional guard dog. One should definitely analyze all the options available before embarking on such a major home upgrade process.

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters have been in use for ensuring home security for decades now. Unlike other options on the list, they also present the advantage of an added aesthetic function. Simply out, good roller shutters will not only make your home safer, but they’ll also look good, by adding a classic touch to the overall look of your home’s façade. They are not 100% foolproof, in the sense that burglars can find ways to sidestep these lightweight security features. However, on the upside, they will not hinder you or unnecessarily complicate your daily life, as they are easy to open and close on a daily basis and don’t take up space when rolled up.

Security Grilles


Security grilles are not just a good idea for homes – they can also be used for any other type of street-front property, be it a school, a doctor’s office or a store. Good security grilles will be lightweight and easy to close, and they will not take up too much space when closed, allowing natural light and ventilation for the interiors. Modern technologies and the production of ever-new metal alloys have enabled the appearance of grilles which are easy to operate, yet difficult to break or cut, and this is definitely what you want, in terms of security.

Alarm Systems

While considered by many to be the best in terms of home security, alarm systems do have their significant number of pitfalls. For one thing, they are expensive to purchase and install. Their malfunctions are most irritating, and everyone who’s ever been awoken in the dead of the night by the sound of a house alarm gone off know what this refers to. However, there is probably no better feeling in terms of home safety, then to know that, should danger strike, a response team will be at your door in the shortest span of time possible. Costly as they may be, it is definitely advisable to spring for an alarm system if you can afford one.

Security Cameras

Security cameras can work as an option for home safety in and of themselves, and they can also be employed in conjunction with an integrated security system. Depending on your budget, there is a range of options here, too, from which you can choose. More expensive models include infra-red cameras which ‘see’ into the night, and mobile cameras, with a 360 degree range of vision. It’s important to choose a good storage solution for the recorded images, too, as there’s no point in having cameras installed if you can’t check back on past footage to see what went on at a given point in time.

Man’s Best Friend

A guard dog is often the best and most simple solution, albeit it is better suited for those who live in a home with a yard, rather than urban condo dwellers. While it certainly isn’t impossible to keep a Rotweiller in a high-rise apartment building, it is ill-advised, to say the least. There are certain breeds which are traditionally associated with guarding activities. However, as always when considering the purchase of a pet, do a thorough research of the breeder’s credentials. Then, make sure the animal receives appropriate training – leave this to a professional, rather than attempting it yourself. A poorly trained guard dog can prove dangerous for you and your family, not just for unwanted ‘guests.’

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