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Last Updated on January 8, 2012

The range of modern home security systems and the diversity of their components, can sometimes seem bewildering. They are designed to combat a wide variety of potential threats with appropriate countermeasures. When thinking about your home security requirements, evaluating these potential threats and carefully considering the countermeasures available can give you the optimal mix of solutions for long-term peace of mind.

There are a number of potential threats to your property to take into account:

If your property is in a secluded location, even if it is in an urban or suburban setting, it obviously adds to its need for enhanced security measures. Remoteness is a boon if you like your privacy, but is also a boon to a potential burglar. The thing that burglars least like is the prospect of being discovered or disturbed while going about their operations. Out-of-the-way locations, or approaches to a property which aren’t overlooked by someone who could report intruders, are just what they look for.

Ease of Access
Even in urban and suburban streets, some properties can help burglars by making it easy for them to approach the building unobserved. If entrances or windows aren’t visible from the street or neighbouring properties, often because they are in side alleys or are otherwise secluded, it makes a potential burglar’s task easier. If there are things such as shrubs or trees blocking a clear view of ways to access the property, or allowing a burglar cover while they attempt to force entry, it increases the vulnerability of the property.

Making it Obvious No One’s Around
If all the people in a property leave at around the same time and all lights are off and stay off, it can signal to a potential burglar that the property is empty and that breaking in is safer for them.

Potential Home Security Countermeasures

Locks on Windows and Doors
These should be premium quality and there should preferably be more than one per potential entry point. This makes it harder to force entry and also will make a burglar take longer to do so, something they don’t like. The longer it is likely to take them to gain entry, the more likely it is that they will look for easier pickings elsewhere.

External Lighting
Lights that come on when a potential intruder comes close to a property can be a great deterrent, as they draw unwanted attention to them. They can also force burglars to try their luck elsewhere.

External CCTV or Wireless Cameras
Cameras nowadays can be very small and can be located out of reach of anyone trying to disable them. They can be connected to recording devices inside the property to record attempts to break into or vandalise a property. Alternatively, they can be connected via a phone line to a specialist security company’s monitoring room, where their staff can identify a threat and alert the police to investigate potential incidents.

Intruder Alarms
These generally consist of a central control unit and various types of device to detect entry to a property. Devices can be placed on windows or doors and be of the type that detect vibrations, indicating attempts to force entry, or beams which trigger an alarm when crossed. They can also be area-detection devices, which fill a space with ultrasonic sound or infra-red beams to detect an intruder already in the property. Each of these would then be connected to the control unit, which would trigger various types of audible and inaudible alarms.

Audible alarms can be placed inside and outside a property: inside to disorient and frighten an intruder, outside to attract attention from people who can report the incident to the police. Inaudible alarms are remotely monitored by security staff, who would then alert the police. They can also be used in combination so that the inaudible alarm is activated before the audible ones to allow the police time to arrive.

Modern home security systems can comprise multiple modular components which together can provide a complete solution to your property’s security needs. They can be tailored to fit almost any circumstance and budget and they offer what most home owners want: increased peace of mind.

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