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Home Improvements That Pay You Back

Last Updated on January 16, 2012


Some home improvements may seem like a great idea initially, until you find out that they are not all that practical. There are primarily two types of home improvements that can be considered, those that save you money while you continue to live in the home and those that help you sell your home faster.

Home Improvement that Save Money

Windows and doors
When you are searching for cost-effective methods of home improvement, windows and doors are always a good place to start. Whether you plan to stay in your home or you plan to sell your home, windows and doors are always a great option. Not only can you save hundreds of dollars a year in home heating and cooling costs, but upgrading your doors and windows make a great selling feature.

Energy audits help
Do it yourself energy audits can help you identify low-cost methods for improving your home. Simple things like upgrading your heating system, changing light bulbs and adding insulation to your home can save hundreds of dollars a year. In addition, taking the time to conduct an energy audit can help identify problem areas that could be improved if you plan to sell your home.

Kitchen upgrades
There are several minor kitchen upgrades that will pay for themselves in a relatively short period of time. For example, upgrading counter tops, adding additional storage space or a simple coat of paint are all cost effective kitchen upgrades that make your kitchen more practical and serve as a great selling feature.

Outdoor features
Changing the outside of your home can have a great impact on the value of the home. Whether you are planning to stay in your home or planning to sell your home, siding is an option that may be considered. Not only is siding practical from an energy savings standpoint, but if you are planning to sell your home it can help add curb appeal.

When you are considering upgrades to your home, it is best to avoid things like upgrading a home office, over-sizing of master bedrooms and other upgrades that won’t pay for themselves. Home upgrades can be disruptive and they can be costly if they are not well planned. Whether you are searching for effective home improvements to save money when you plan to stay in your home or you are searching for ways to make your home more marketable you’ll need a plan. It is never a good idea to upgrade just for the sake of upgrading, you want improvements that are practical, cost effective and will pay you back over time. Upgrades that are a waste of money do little to help salability or livability.

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