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Harbour rocks hotel granite transformations

Home Ideas from Our Favorite Hotels

Last Updated on January 7, 2020

Inspiration for your home can be found anywhere. Whether it’s a show on TV, a spread in a magazine, or a hotel keep an eye out for ideas to implement into your designs. Here are a few rooms that stood out to us from our favorite hotels across the world.


Harbour Rocks Hotel

This gorgeous hotel in Sydney, Australia is a perfect example of how to blend two styles while creating your own distinct look. With rooms ranging from modern to classic, the two aesthetics blend together in the lobby, creating a comfortable yet minimalist space. Every room here is immaculately designed, but it’s the kitchen that stands out to us.

Painted in warm colors and mixing stone, tile, and granite, this room is surprising to the eye. The white granite countertop offsets the darker colors beautifully, and the shelf space is minimally designed and elegant. If you have a lot of space to work with, consider a modern look like this. Bonus points for big bay windows, letting in lots of natural light.



Huxton Hotel

This London hot spot is famous for its diversity of design. In order to add more variety to the aesthetic, the hotel recently commissioned three artists to design a room, each with the theme “East London” in mind. The results are predictably outstanding, clashing modern design with classic London materials. One bathroom in particular appealed to us.

Entering from the minimalist, brightly colored bedroom, this elegant bathroom lies in stark contrast. With a full glass partition and grey granite flooring, it’s sheik and clean with firm lines. What really draws our eye is the black tile wall with a single white brick, pulling your eye to the center of the shower and drawing out the symmetry of the room. Think about a design like this with less space to work with. The affectation pushes out the room, making the room seem larger.




Gio Parco dei Principi Hotel

As far as Italian hotels go, this one is a stand out. Gone are the typical rustic styles of hotels in Florence and Rome, the dull earth tones and antique furnishings. We have a lot of blue here, used in all its variations and hues. From the busy floors to the art deco walls and surfaces, this one is an eye pleaser. The brilliant design mixes nearly-garish affectations with modern-looking minimalism and straight lines.

We enjoy the bedroom here, with a flashy mosaic tile. It’s a bit much at first, but combined with flat, single color furnishings and a modest light-colored wall, the flooring really pops. In order to sell this kind of design in your own home, you’ll have to offset it in every other room. This isn’t a surface you can use in every space. Learn toward solid colored furnishings, curtains, and bedspreads to compliment or the space will feel chaotic. Certainly not something you want in a bedroom.



The House Hotel Istanbul by Autoban

This hotel in Istanbul is the epitome of classic style. Gorgeous and inviting, the earth tones of the dining room make the space feel warm and relaxing. The bookshelves lining the walls only enhance that feeling, and with a little modern flair, they keep the room exciting. The lobby is truly a masterpiece, with large, open backed couches creating a pleasing circular design.

Once again, what draws us to this one are the sleek but relaxing bathrooms and bedrooms. Here the two rooms are partitioned with a large piece of glass, opening up both spaces and making the room feel larger. There’s a light wood blind that lowers in front of the glass, which is an elegant solution for when you need some privacy. Take a look at the granite sink and wall design, which we find classy and resplendent. This is a classic design for modern home, with plenty of surface and strong design choices to surprise, but with an earth tone color pallet relaxing the room.



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