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Home Design Trends to Lose in 2015

Last Updated on January 7, 2020

Keeping our homes up-to-date and market-friendly means keeping up with the latest design trends and knowing what’s in and what’s out. What was popular a few years ago is being replaced with new design ideas that either reflect the times or revive traditional styles with a modern twist.

Here are some of the top design trends to do away with in 2015:

  • Kitchen Desks – What used to be practical furniture for the purpose of paying bills and storing cook books is now being replaced by extra counter space and storage. The days of flipping through cook books has gone by the wayside, as homeowners are now searching for recipes on their tablets or mobile phones.

Kitchen desk

  • Whirlpool Tubs The days of indulging in a whirlpool bath have come and gone, as homeowners now wish they had used their prime bathroom space for a more functional use. Today’s home designers and home owners are replacing whirlpool tubs with large walk-in showers that have more space for shelves to hold bathroom products, a built-in seat, and rain shower heads. They are also saving on their water bills (since the average whirlpool bathtub takes about 80-100 gallons of water to fill). For those who still want the relaxing benefit of a bath, stand-alone soaking tubs are becoming more popular (and cost-effective).

Whirlpool tub

  • Barren Windows Simplicity in window dressings was all the rage a few years back (but they left rooms feeling cold and uninviting). Installing decorative shades or hanging panels to windows is today’s trend, as this brings privacy and warmth to a room, along with an opportunity to integrate your own personal style.

Kitchen with barren windows

  • Over-the-Range Microwaves – For the past 20-25 years, microwaves were installed over the range to save space (but this was not particularly aesthetically pleasing). New kitchen designs are showing microwaves that are installed under countertops in drawers or on shelves for easier access, keeping kitchens looking clean and more streamlined.

Kitchen with over-the-range microwave

  • Tiled Countertops – Homeowners are ditching their grout cleaners and opting to replace their outdated tile countertops with quartz or granite countertops – eliminating the fear of chipping and cracking tiles and spilling liquids that leave hard-to-remove stains from the grout. Check out the gorgeous quartz countertops from Granite Transformations.

Tiled countertops

  • Brass Hardware – Today’s trend in hardware is the “sleek” look (like brushed or satin nickel) – brass or gold is totally out. When replacing hardware, make sure to choose a size to cover the “footprint” of the existing hardware so that any unsightly marks or stains from what was previously there won’t be visible.

Bathroom with brass hardware

  • Faux Finishes – The faux finish phase has seen its day and the best part is that finishes can be easily covered up with a fresh coat of paint. Tuscan paint finishes and marbled columns are out and are being replaced with a more authentic look of real stone, wood, or glass.

Faux finishes

Does your home still feature any of these outdated design trends? If it does, Granite Transformations can give you that fresh, new updated feel to your kitchen or bath in a fraction of the time of a full-scale remodel. Click here to find a Granite Transformations near you.

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