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See What’s Brewing: Today’s Home Coffee Bar Ideas

Last Updated on September 12, 2018

With coffee shop prices rising, today’s homeowners are designing their own home coffee bars to not only save money, but also to customize their coffee experience to include all their favorite things. Add an espresso or cappuccino machine and milk frother if your heart desires. Remember, this is a specific spot in your home where you can let your love for coffee shine. Not a coffee drinker? No problem. Even if a cup of Joe isn’t your cup of tea, you can still be a part of this latest trend by designing a unique space for your favorite beverages.

Check out some of today’s kitchen coffee bar ideas that will have conversation brewing along with your coffee!


White Coffee bar kitchen
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Cleverly Concealed

This clever coffee station is concealed behind kitchen cabinets – saving counter space and keeping everything neatly tucked away until you need it. The pull-out shelf is a convenient way to access your coffee pot quickly, and then you can easily slide it back into the cabinet when you’re done – or until you need your next cup. Granite and Trend Transformations offers several cabinet interior organizational solutions – such as pullouts, Lazy Susans, and drawer partitions – so you can keep all your coffee supplies and dishware organized and easily accessible.





Mug Appeal

This sleek coffee bar has a clean, metropolitan feel with easy access to coffee mugs and plenty of space to fix your coffee just the way you like it. A quartz or granite countertop from Granite and Trend Transformations would work perfectly here, since it’s stain and scratch-resistant and so easy to clean and maintain.

best Coffee Bar Ideas
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Rustic Look with Chalkboard

Rustic Coffee Bar
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This rustic home coffee bar is a charming way to serve your coffee and morning treats. And you’ll love how the chalkboard adds a nostalgic touch for personalized notes and reminders to your family and guests. A marble-looking countertop – such as Statuario or Calacatta from Granite and Trend Transformations – would pair pefectly here, as it really adds to the “farmhouse chic” vibe.






Switching it Up

Coffee may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But what about tea, or even hot cocoa? This charming, antique-style hot cocoa bar is a delightful way to serve that chocolatey goodness or any of your other favorite seasonal beverages. This freestanding bar allows family and friends to help themselves while keeping them out of your busy kitchen. The open shelving is perfect to store your favorite teas, hot chocolate selections, and baked goodies.

Coffee table home
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Designated Space

Keeping everything where you need it – and when you need it – is the best game plan for a busy morning. Here, beautiful glass canisters hold ground coffee, sugar and other necessities, while the coffee pot and mugs are front and center for easy access. A granite countertop with brown and beige tones works nicely here to pair with glass canisters of coffee or your drink of choice.

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Coffee Table silverServing a Dual Purpose

Have an unused countertop area in your kitchen? Make it into a coffee bar! You can easily add floating shelves, a mug rack, and coffee maker of your choice to create a stylish coffee bar. This area is perfect if you have the microwave positioned right above or below it to heat up your coffee if it gets cold. Titan Grey granite countertops from Granite and Trend Transformations would perfectly complement the stainless steel appliances and canisters of this space.






Are you inspired to design a kitchen coffee bar in your home? Contact Granite and Trend Transformations for a free in-home design consultation today. We can help you design the perfect bar with gorgeous quartz countertops, cabinets, and backsplash of your choice. Check out our design inspiration gallery for even more ideas.

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