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Is Granite Really All That? See How it Measures Up

Last Updated on October 15, 2021

When it comes to countertop surfaces, many would think that granite takes the top spot when it comes to natural hardness and durability. But how tough is granite, really? What if we told you that there’s a surface on the market that surpasses granite when it comes to strength and durability? It’s true. And you can find this wonderous surface exclusively at Granite and TREND Transformations. It’s called etherium® By E-Stone.

This month, Granite and TREND Transformations would like to reacquaint you with our etherium® By E-Stone surfaces and show you how this beautiful line of countertops can add luxury to your home while standing up to your busy lifestyle. But before we do, here’s a question: How much do you know about measuring the hardness of a material? Let’s start with a quick lesson to get you caught up. (You’ll understand why later. And, don’t worry, there’s no quiz required.)

Measuring up on the Mohs scale

The Mohs scale is an ordinary scale used to measure mineral hardness based on its ability to scratch softer materials. Ranked on a scale of “1” (softest) to “10” (hardest), experts can determine the durability of certain gemstones and minerals. While talc is ranked with a Mohs hardness of “1,” the hardest substance—you guessed it, the diamond—comes in at a “10.” As awesome as it would be to have a diamond-studded countertop, here’s why this information is important when it comes to choosing the strongest material for this particular surface: Granite, which is a composite of feldspar and quartz, ranks at a “6” for its hardness. And while that’s a pretty impressive ranking for toughness, our etherium® By E-Stone surfaces far exceed that ranking as they measure at a hardness of an “8” or higher! Here’s how we do it…

Built for beauty and durability

beautiful counter and cabinets

Granite and TREND Transformations manufactures the highest quality countertops using quartz, granite, and recycled glass. To make them even more durable, all of our etherium® By E-Stone surfaces are made with ForeverSeal®, our proprietary polymer resin. This is important because it ensures the surfaces are:

  • Heat-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Mold and mildew-resistant
  • Nonporous, which means they never require sealing, unlike granite countertops which require regular sealing
  • Saves time and money
  • Built in our own facility in Sebring, Florida, so we can guarantee the product’s strength

Plus, our etherium® By E-Stone surfaces are the only engineered stone products to offer 24/7 Microban® antimicrobial protection.

And when it comes to beauty—wow! We’ve covered all the bases to bring you a line of surfaces that will impress even the most discriminating tastes. From the timeless beauty of our Marble Collection to the trendiest designs and colors of the most sought-after looks of today, our etherium® By E-Stone line of engineered surfaces is one to keep on your watch list.

Beauty that goes beyond the kitchen

beautiful bathroom counters

As exciting as it is to choose a new kitchen countertop, did you ever wonder about other places in your home where you can use our beautiful etherium® By E-Stone surfaces? Let us list the ways:

  • Backsplashes—including bathroom vanities
  • Beverage bars
  • Home offices
  • Tub-to-shower conversions
  • Tub surrounds
  • Shower interiors
  • Flooring
  • Fireplaces
  • Garage remodel

professional installation

Now, for the best part: Our surfaces are considered “over the top” for a reason. They are installed directly over your existing ones, so you can enjoy a brand-new look in your kitchen or bathroom in a fraction of the time a traditional renovation would take. Want to see for yourself? Just ask Janet, our design guru. Check her out here.

And, our surfaces are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Is your home ready for a refresh? Contact us today to schedule a free in-home—or virtual—design consultation.

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