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Granite Countertop

Granite Countertops: Tiles Are Tiresome

Last Updated on April 16, 2011

Anyone who is considering granite countertops for their home or business inevitably admires the beauty and sophistication granite can bring to a living or work space. Besides aesthetics however, there are other important considerations to keep in mind when deciding on granite countertops. Safety and efficiency will likely be amongst your chief concerns. Keeping these in mind, our franchise experts advise against using tiles to make your new countertop. Instead, they recommend pasting a new custom-fitted granite overlay to your old counter as the best option in all regards.

With new countertops, as with any renovation to your home or business, safety is key. Tile countertops have sharp edges that are not safely rounded, as those of an overlay would be. It’s easy to see how this could potentially lead to serious injuries for children or for any other passersby. Our countertops are safe and child friendly and thus have the distinct advantage of providing a safer environment while still maintaining an excellent design.

Efficiency is also an essential consideration. Granite tiles lack this important feature because, by design, they are not as strong as an overlay. Pieces of the tile may loosen and break easily. Granite Transformations’ overlays are bonded to your old countertop, making them exceptionally strong and unlikely to damage easily. Furthermore, this method of installation does not require any construction and takes only one day to complete. The finished product will be a uniquely sleek countertop that could not have been achieved using tiles.

You can learn more about our about how we install our countertops and can have one of our professionals give you a free consultation for your new and beautiful countertop. Remember, with Granite Transformations there is beauty, strength and safety all in one.

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