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Granite Transformations work at a Marriott.

Granite Countertops for Your Business

Last Updated on January 6, 2020

Since the dawn of domesticity, granite countertops have been the bee’s knees of classy kitchen surfaces. Today, however, tuned-in business owners are realizing this natural material has uses far beyond the housewife’s cutting block. The same key functions that have been attracting homeowners to granite for decades offer even greater advantages for a productive workplace.

To create this stone, various minerals combine deep below Earth’s surface as molten rock cools slowly, giving granite its trademark crystalline appearance. The density of granite, contributed to its volcanic origins, prevents bacteria, mold and mildew from forming on its surface. This quality ensures your products, equipment and employees will stay clean and healthy in their work environment.

Unlike other more needy materials, granite is as low-maintenance as it comes for natural surfaces. The smooth, polished surface doesn’t absorb liquids, grease or moisture, allowing for quick and easy cleanup of any spills. Fast-paced businesses need supplies and surroundings that can stay up to speed with their daily flow. Granite countertops ensure you’ll spend minimal time cleaning or fixing surfaces so you can devote maximum time to the projects and clients who need it.

Easy maintenance paired with extreme durability make for a product that is suitable in any office or business setting. While there are cheaper countertop products on the market, none of them can stand up to the quality of granite, making your investment more worthwhile over the lifetime of the counters. Five, ten or even twenty years down the road when other surfaces have scratched, stained and warped, granite countertops still look as good as when they were installed.

Bathrooms at Best Buy Theater in NYC
Bathrooms at Best Buy Theater in NYC

Not only are granite countertops easy to maintain, but they are virtually indestructible as well. As the second hardest naturally occurring material, granite countertops can only be cut and shaped by diamond blades. This toughness makes them nearly impossible to scratch or cut accidentally, ensuring they will retain a clean and refined look for years to come.

To fully enjoy the benefits of granite, think beyond just simple counters in bathrooms and break rooms. Granite countertops make for distinguished desks in reception areas as well as administrative offices. Installing granite tile flooring can also add an air of polish where bland carpeting falls short. For maximum impact, consider a granite-topped conference table where you can wow clients with your professionalism and class.

Granite bars are always a nice touch.
Granite bars are always a nice touch.

No matter what your commercial needs, custom granite pieces in a variety of widths, colors and textures can be cut to fit your project. Quick installation time means your new desk, counter or entryway can be fully prepared before your next big client meeting rolls around.

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