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Nero Galaxy Countertop

Granite and Glass Countertop Previews!

Last Updated on November 10, 2010

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally enabled the functionality that you’ve been waiting for (we’ve sure been waiting for it). Previously, if you had happened upon our product colors preview pages within the granite countertop and glass countertop sections of our website you’d be treated to a list of some of our stylish colors – problems was the pictures were small and hard to see. Detail is everything, we get it.

For those of you who, despite the freshest of glasses and contact prescriptions, can’t seem to see enough detail in our preview pictures we now have a remedy. Now when you click on the color of your choice – let’s say Rosso Fuoco is your choice – a large, high-resolution photo of our product will pop up in the center of your screen showing the rich detail seen in every square inch of our glass and granite countertops.

So if you have a color in mind just click and you’ll get the best representation yet. We want our customers to have as many tools possible to make the best decision when stewing over the litany of remodeling options at your disposal. Countertop shopping just got a little bit more intuitive.

So next time you swing by for some research, browsing – whatever it is – allow us to act as your muse and give you the best preview of your finished product possible.

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